LIST: The actors in KTN’s My Two Wives

Here are the main actors:

(Stage name) Zach(aria) — (real name) Eddy Peter

Toni — Diana Mulwa

Dama(ris) — Wakio Mzenge

Fiona — Monica Wairimu

Uncle Buba — Ephantus Mwangi

Aunty Maria — Judy Adeng

Purity — Sofia Mohammed

Monique — Louisa Akadeli

Kevin — Mike Njeru

For a synopsis and weekly recaps of the programme, please click here.



My Two Wives premiered a few months ago, but it is already making an impact on our television. Here are some of the outstanding actors, in no particular order:

  1. Toni

Diana Mulwa.jpg

Toni is the definition of a woman who is too extra and dramatic. She is always causing a fire somewhere. She does it because of love — or at least that is what I think. She is always ready to defend her man and has saved him from some pretty weird situations. Follow this link to read Toni’s interview with Media Critic Kenya.

2. Zach

Eddy Peter 2

He is in an a position where any man would hate to be, yet his role is designed to bring out grave realities about what happens in Kenyan homes. It is clear that he is a henpecked man, who easily moves from the bed to the sofa whenever his first wife Toni prescribes that as the punishment for one iniquity or another. He is also continually being placed at a position where he has to choose between the overbearing Toni and the often unassuming Damaris. Will he crack some day?

Note: We recently interviewed Zach. Read the article here.

3. Martin

Martin is the definition of a hustler. He is one of those guys you run into a club and become friends within two minutes. He has endless drama for a guy and his stories are just too interesting. He sometimes causes problems for Zack, his best friend.

4. Purity

Purity is just too interesting to ignore. She is always causing some problem she has been able to ace the problematic maid role. She is constantly helping her best friend Dama and even when they argue, their friendship just makes you want to keep watching because they will always keep going back to each other.

5. Monique


Monique is the kind of friend I would like to have in my life. She has always got her friend’s back. She plays the role of Toni’s best friend and, so far, she has nailed it for me. She has helped Toni not to get Dama as a second wife, always listened to her crazy stories and just been interested in her. Click here to read our interview with Monique, who happens to be a daughter of former Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro.

6. Damaris

Damaris two wives

This unassuming second wife, who is limited on her looks and charm but gifted with deft hands in everything she does, brings a contrast with Zack’s first wife Toni that keeps the story interesting.

PS: This list will keep changing. Please let us know who are your favorite actors on the show.


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