Thitima almost gets arrested on Aug 27’s Mafundi show on NTV

I don’t know what got into Thitima’s head on the August 27 edition of Mafudi, the show that runs at 7.30pm on NTV every week.

He suddenly feels like he can talk Sheng. He translates everything to Sue. When a guy walks in with a phone to be fixed and the guy speaks good Sheng, he is blinded and he agrees to fix the phone.

Sue is skeptical about the guy owning the phone but he does not seem to want to take that into consideration. Pato is dragged into the argument between Sue and Thitima.

When Thitima puts his Sim card into the phone, it starts ringing on its own and they cannot disable the noise. It keeps ringing until a police woman shows up at the shop. She disables the phone and tells Thitima he is the chief suspect in the whole thing, Thitima at first things she is just playing with him. Things get serious when she starts taking notes and Thitima and Sue are shocked.

Meanwhile, Phapha gets a job with the diplomat’s wife again. Come to think of it: she is like his main customer, anyway. This time, he is fixing the doors in her home. He carries Pato because she is complaining the toilet is leaking. Phapha behaves like it’s his home and settles in; he makes the place dirty and just makes a mess of everything in the house. When he is done fixing the door, she refuses to pay him at all because of the mess he created. They argue and Phapha takes down the door and leaves with it. This guy is just too dramatic.

Thitima and Sue now have to depend on Phapha to fix the mess they have since he knows the phone thief. Pato knows him because they are old friends and when the police woman draws the guy he recognizes him immediately. They hatch a plan to catch him. Pato calls him and tells him he has won Sh20,000 and tells him to come and collect his phone.

When he comes to collect his phone, Thitima forces him to confess the phone is his so that he can be recorded. The thief says the phone is his and he is quickly apprehended. When the police woman is leaving with the phone thief Phapha reports the diplomat’s wife she says she has diplomatic immunity ad the police woman refuses to apprehend her. She, however, pays Phapha fully.

My Rating

The show has gone back to multiple plots which are okay. However, they have they need to develop sub-plots which keep us watching throughout, like Sauda’s crush on the egg guy, Regie or something like a love triangle or a crime or something that keeps the suspense running. I give this week’s show a rating of 7.5/10.






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