Zack has a ‘kid’ on Aug 27’s My Two Wives. Or does he?

Zack has a “kid”. I know that was the surprise thing on the August 27 episode of My Two Wives that airs on KTN Home every Monday.

Zack opens the door and a boy, Ethan, gives him a note telling him that he is the father.  Zack welcomes him into the house and tells him to sit down.  Toni walks in to find Ethan seated and Damaris staring in shock. Toni gets hysterical, asking who the mother is. Damaris also keeps asking the same questions. They make Zack even leave the house.

Zack calls Martin to help him figure out everything. Martin tells him to call all his women. Then they have the most interesting debate and even digress a bit. Zack goes back to the house and they talk a bit about with Ethan about his mom. He gets very little details and he leaves; to go get something to eat.

As time passes by, Zack and Ethan bond and it drives Toni and Dama crazy. They just stare in surprise as father and son just keep on bonding.

Toni calls Monique about the whole debacle and she tells her to warm up to the kid and try and win his heart. Toni and Dama try to warm up to the kid and make him happy but he is not buying any of it. Toys and clothes do not buy children nowadays, I guess.

Meanwhile, Zack is busy trying get to the bottom of the story by calling every ex he has. He calls all of them to no avail and they all either moved on, got saved or simply damn straight psycho especially Marilyn.

Marylin tells him they had a kid together and when he thinks it is Ethan it turns out to be a model cat. Man this lady is spooky she even has a breakdown at the restaurant they met in.

When Zack’s family is seated having dinner, Richard the neighbour calls him. He asks if he has seen a boy in the neighborhood who looks exactly like Ethan.

He tells him that his ex fiancée mixed things up and sent the kid to the wrong house.

Zack tells him about being with him the whole week and taking care. Toni goes to find out what is happening at the door. She finds Richard who she has some bad blood with, about his dogs.

Ethan is called and he is told everything and at first refuses to leave but his dad wins him over. It is an emotional moment for Ethan and Zack when they hug and Ethan leaves.

My rating

I give this week’s show a rating of 10/10. The drama just keeps getting better and better. The plot was totally a surprise and it is just interesting how things are just getting. This week, Monique was not as active as she is in other shows; same for Purity who, for the second week running, is not there.


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