DAVID: Comedian ‘Cartoon’ was my favourite new act on Sep 2’s Churchill Show


Churchill show poster (courtesy of Youtube)

The Churchill Show recorded at Alliance Français continued to run on the September 2 episode on NTV. It started with a performance by East Africa Ballet from Kibera. Their performance was capped off with an interview by their trainer, Tony, who played a good role. Churchill tried to dance Ballet a bit but I guess he can only do one thing: make people laugh. Not dance.

Churchill went on to give a monologue about the good old days in high school. Well, not all good. He talked about being sent home to bring your parents and hiring a person to become your parents albeit for a day. He played a clip starring some comedians like Mamito who played the role of a teacher narrating the students running away from school. The fake parent even whips him and then when he is asked to pay 20,000 for the problems his “son” had caused. He then disowns his “son”.

Churchill invited to the stage Sammy Brayo, a talented artist who draws with his foot. His inspirational stories giving many the sobering mind at a party. He even drew Churchill a picture which Churchill bought for Sh20,000. Bringing in his mother made the interview even more emotional. She narrated how she found out how her child was disabled and how she learnt to take it positively. Churchill has been trying to have these inspirational figures to spice up the shows and it is doing a good job.

Cartoon was the first to perform. She is a new person but she revved up the crowd really well. Her comparisons of the well established with people from the ghetto were just interesting. From students to teachers and how they behaved and even her “Barbie” boy friend who everyone who thought he was going to remove a gun but instead he ended up removing his phone to call his mom to give him advice on how to deal with people who are disturbing him. Her style is rather different she is not into giving one story but rather the same issue fused with many stories which are good.

My rating

Churchill’s ratings are bound to increase this week to a 9/10. The show is  balanced. The comedians were funny and the stories equally enlightening and that is how I like things. It is interesting how he has managed to make the show balanced. The producers should strive to keep this balance.


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