Kigo is arrested on Sep 3’s Mafundi on NTV

Kigo is back to his usually troubling way this week. Demolitions in Nairobi have started and three contractors are being looked for and guess who is third on the list? Kigo. This guy is literally trouble: He has debt in other countries and he duped Thitima, Pato and Phapha and stole their shares. This guy is just too much.

Anyway so he is a wanted man and when the police show up at the office. When they ask Sue if they know Kigo she denies. Sue immediately calls Kigo and he deflects a bit and she tells him she has covered for him. Mean while Kigo calls his friend to help him be covered up but he says he is on his own and he will have to look for someone else to help him.

Kigo gets Thitima Pato and Phapha into going to clear up the building about to be demolished and they have a few minutes to do so. Kigo asks Phapha to hide him in his place but Phapha does not want to know and he leaves him there stranded and all. However he takes Phapha’s key and he runs off to his place to find Sauda and Mama Kenania sitting there.

Mama Kenania and Sauda are planning to get out when Kigo rushes in. he llocks the house and Mama Kenania and Sauda cannot leave the house. He switches on the radio to find out where the investigation is still on there. Mama Kenania tries to escape Kigo and go to the funeral she had to go to. he hits Kigo with a sufuria. He is unconscious for a little bit and she calls Phapha quickly to tell him they are in trouble. Kigo however wakes up quickly and ties both of the in order to make sure that things he is safe.

The police ambush Pato, Thitima and Phapha at the construction scene. They try to deny knowing Kigo but then Phapha tells them the truth. The police and the NEMA officials move to the house. They reach there and find Kigo trying to hide. They arrest him but they cannot remember the charges which is weird.

My rating

The show was good but the plot could have been more developed. Use of lawyers and the legal research done into it would have been great. They could have used the chance to increase the image of Mafundi Limited. I give this week’s show a 6.5/10 this week because of the poor research.


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