Zack ejected from house; Monique in trouble on Sept 3’s My Two Wives

Zack is going to be thrown out of the house. He tries to say the rent was paid and asks his wife (Toni) if she did that.

Toni says she did and then the show has a flash back. It goes back to Toni being called by Monique about her having a date. Monique is freaking out and Toni tries to make sure that her friend is sane and all.

She leaves the rent money to Dama and tells her to take care of the rent money and other errands.

As Dama leaves, she finds someone selling phones and they have a moment of haggling and they agree on the price.

He then ambushes her and forces her to give up all the money she has including the house rent.  She runs off to Purity and she tells her she has been robbed.

Purity tells her to keep quiet and not say the rent money was stolen. So Dama lies about everything and says she deposited the money and that everything is okay.

When the house agent gets there to kick the occupants out of the house, everyone is left confused.

Zack is sure he gave Toni the money Toni is sure she gave Dama the money. So, really, where is the money? When Toni asks what Dama did with the money, Dama says the truth. Toni is livid and goes out to attack her but Zack stops her and tells her to get her essentials because they have to leave.

Zack tries to get a way so that they can pay rent but he cannot. He lost his money in a scam and now he has no money.

He also emptied Toni’s account, meaning she does not have the cash. When Zack says he was scammed Toni slaps him really hard. She insults him and heads to Monique’s place.

When she goes out to Monique’s house, she helps her get ready for a date. They go for the date only to find out the man, Eric is blind and she cannot see.

They enjoy the date but they behave so insensitively to him. They leave but they realise something once they get home that scares them. It leaves Monique crying and Toni crying.

My rating

I give this week’s show a 10/10. It was interestin. The suspense and the flashbacks are really built in well and I like the way the plot is developing. I want to know this Eric guy better and how he is involved with Monique.



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