Sharon Otieno’s Murder what we know and what we don’t

The death of Sharon Otieno has become a major news story this week. Her tragic death is tied down to the high and mighty in Migori and has held the country to a stand still.

The media has been at the epicenter of the story and every single day a new detail to the story has always come up. The story has changed but the person of interest has been one person and one person only; Sharon Otieno.

What we know

A range of stories have been circulating on social media about how Sharon and Journalist Barrack Oduor were abducted and how eventually she died. Detailed WhatsApp posts on how Sharon died have become enormous, however few have actually been proven accurate. In a statement and interview to the Nation Barrack Oduor tried to demonstrate the timeframe.

Another thing we know is Sharon was giving Barrack a story and was a source to this story though the details are sketchy. Sharon was having a relationship allegedly with the Governor of Migori County. Though the Governor has not denied or accepted the allegation which casts doubt to the whole story.

The case has attracted a huge amount of traction among top people. Earlier this week the Government Spokesman released a statement saying they condemn the killing. The Director of the DCI has personally taken an interest in the matter.

The results of the autopsy

The Chief government pathologist has taken interest in the matter. The autopsy was carried out on Friday morning. The results of the autopsy being she may have died from excessive knife wounds(8 to be precise) and was also possibly raped before she was murdered according to the Star.

What we don’t know

Who killed Sharon?

We do not know. Though the investigation has generated a huge amount of traction very little leads have been gotten to the killer. Though arrests have been made very little has been done to finish up the investigation. The killer of Sharon is still unknown and the investigation has been kept very tightly guarded to anyone.

Was the Governor aware of what would happen to Sharon?

The Governor’s Personal Assistant has become a person of interest in the case. However whether the governor knew or not is not known. The Governor has been out of the public eye leaving his Press Secretary to answer the question. His Press Secretary has been cagey on where he is also.

My Rating

The whole case has spiraled from a criminal case to a political to a morality case and has had 3 faces to it. This however has made it difficult for the media to cover this issue adequately. However my scorecard currently 5.5/10 very little has been done to get the governor’s side of the story.


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