Body shaming On Wicked Edition Explained

The Wicked Edition did not stick to its usual political topics but however chose to use a different topic; body shaming. Nation Media Group has tried to set the agenda on this topic and emanate a discussion about it. a few months back NTV Cross Over 101 had the same discussion.

I will spare you the details about who said what but I will give you a few things I learnt from the show.

Majority of the people who are body shamed are either overweight or skinny

We are a generation of people who are into extremes. Look at it this way; if you love something you will love it to the end and if you hate it it’s vice versa. This also applies to bodies. People who are most criticized for their body sizes are either too big or too small in terms of body size.

Body shaming can also be about other physical features

Body shaming has been tied down to fatness or skinniness but it is not always the case. Some features are also looked at and can make you get prone to be body shamed. Be it your teeth, lips or how tiny your hands are. Body shaming is not just tied down to how you look like.

Most people are even criticized just for how they stand or how they point at people. It is not necessary for you to be fat or skinny to be picked on.

Learn to live with you

It is important to make sure it is important that you live with yourself whatever your conditions. Most people who are body shamed end up having low self esteem. It is important to make sure that things are not into the most.

However yesterday Dr Kingori came out to say that it is important to live with you are and just make sure you are happy with the way you look like. Personal acceptance to who you are and how you look like is important to be able to grow yourself both mentally and physically.

One aspect however that Dr King’ori missed is that sometimes body shaming leads to suicide and people resulting to other tactics in order to change their physical appearance. I would also give the show a rating of 9/10. The highest I have given this show because it was educative and it had an emotional sense to it which resonates with the audience.


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