Why I was a bit disappointed by September 7’s The Trend

The Trend for the second time in two weeks was live on location and this time it was worse than the first one. The show was live at the Alps Hotel in Nakuru but it felt like they should have done the show in doors and it would have been even better.

Dr King’ori was the host of the show and he seemed to be prepared but when you are hosting a live on location show you need to be prepared to have some things changed.

For instance do not go for the rigid schedule the show normally observes. Switch things up a little and have the crowd more involved. Heck! Actually have a crowd in your show. The guys on the show had little if any impact on the show. The main point of an outdoor show is to show that the crowd loves your show and that you actually have support on the ground but this show did not show any of that. it just turned out to be an advertisement of the hotel and telling people to make their way there while they should have looked for people to come to the show earlier.

The show had an interesting line up of artistes, from Danny Gift to Vilma and Ben to Harmonize who was poised to the big interview of the night and Dr King’ori did nail that interview. He made the interview emotional, having him talk about his past as a “hustler” to now and his professional life as of now and what life being a star is like.

The show used the social media audience as its key mode of asking questions and yet they had a small audience which also had questions. Both audiences and feedback are important to any show and they should have opted to balance the show by also taking some questions from the audience. However the audience was also a paltry number and unplanned meaning it would be hard to get the questions.

On a positive note the show went for fresh talents and people who are rarely on the screen. This shows their commitment to make sure that new talent is recognized same as old talent also. The show had a fresh wave of musical talent and utilized live band music which is a good thing rather than just use playbacks.

My rating

The show gets a rating of 6.5/10 Nation Media Group needs to change how they handle live on location shows. They are not so good when it comes to that. They should invest in good locations and making sure they have a good size of an audience and possible vet them a little before they come to the show.



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