Churchill’s new acts rock but still there is a missing link

This week Churchill show has decided to have a third episode at the Alliance François. It seems the crews likes the film footage from the place and want to keep it them rolling on TV. Here are some of the highlights from the show.

Jessy hitting on a Spanish Girl

Mc Jessy is just one person who literally can work a crowd and use them for his jokes and skits and it never flops. This week he decided to use a Spanish girl and it was hilarious. He asked her so many questions and had her laughing and not even feel offended being a Spanish girl who was not getting the jokes there but she was still laughing.

Jesse is definitely a good comedian and he deserves the buzz he generates everywhere to being Churchill’s number two. Catch his performance here

Mitch’s puns

Mitch was totally hilarious at least for me. He has the energy and has the puns and the jokes.

He came in and asked ukikula mayai na maharagwe lazima u?(If you eat eggs and beans it is a must for you to? when guys said

Ushute( translating to farting)

and he told them lazima ushukuru Mungu(translating to you must thank God.)

He needs to work on his puns and just make sure that his audience get him quickly and for them to be witty. Catch his performance here

Pasha talking about women

I liked Pasha from her first day. Her comedy is very different from what you are used to and very relatively new in Kenya. She uses English to bring out her jokes and she has managed to mix it up a little. She always has the most interesting jokes.

Her jokes are mostly centered on relating Nigerians and black Americans and men. This week she managed to add on a little bit to it. She talked about the type of women in the show and how they help each other in life especially in a club situation. The access getting girl who always gets in every place, the photogenic girl who always looks good in a club, the one who starts and ends fights, the one who is always protective of her friends. Catch her performance here.

Saviour’s thief’s awards

The most interesting thing about this show is the creativity guys always have. Saviour definitely had by far the best creativity this week. He tried to make us imagine if there were thief’s awards. It was totally hilarious, the speech from the winners and them thanking the crowd because were the reason they were there. Catch the performance here.

My rating

I would rate the show a 7/10. The show was good and it is definitely a hit but it did not have so much wow factor this week. Sure it was different but something felt missing in the show. Hope the Parklands show does it next week.


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