Is Mafundi’s plot disjointed?

I was abit disappointed by Mafundi yesterday night. The story is so disjointed and things are just not even flowing at all. This week Kigo is apparently in trouble with the mtaa mafia. Sofia Mohamed plays the role of Madam Nga who is the head of the mafia.

Kigo is told that he has to pay his dues and that they have to pay “rent”. This is to cover the months they have been staying there without her consent or money being paid to her. He makes Kigo get Phapha to fix her cabinet as her rent or is due.

Phapha arrives and sees blood on the cabinet and when he is told it’s someone’s blood he protests and Madam Nga orders her goons to beat him up. Phapha goes to the office to shout at Kigo and Kigo is called by her to threaten him and his small company forcing Phapha to go back to Madam Nga’s office. He goes back and they become friends with Madam Nga and make her a weapon and fixes her office cabinet.

Things get thick when he asks for payment and he is thrown out of her office after a bit of a beating. He goes back to Kigo is forced to explain the situation.

Here is where I have a problem. Kigo was arrested last week and there is no full closure about what happened last week or to his charge. That is why I am saying the story is disjointed a bit.

Meanwhile Pato and Thitima are arguing about his talking about him showering and cleanliness. See Pato moved into Thitima’s place and he is complaining about his clothes and him to shower and it brings Sue into the conversation at the office.

Sue is helped by Ombwakni with some stuff to the office. She gives him some equipment to take to Pato but things go different he goes to Mama Dylan’s place. His feet smell and he ends up making Mama Dylan faint. Things get confusing when Pato is forced to take the fault for some minutes and even is about to be made to be forcefully showered by Thitima and the rest of the stuff but Mama Dylan comes and identifies Ombwakni as the smelly guy.

My rating

The show is good but I do not understand whether the show has some flow or it is just a meaningless comedy. The show this week gets a rating of 6.5/10. They need to work on a big plot and small plots to the show let’s have a big picture about the show even with the small troubles let the characters have a bigger plot in the long run.


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  1. The show episodes and plots are stand alone, it’s not continuous, so the last episode has nothing to do with the next episode but the characters maintain their roles.
    This happens alot in different comedies worldwide.


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