The plot changes in My Two Wives; but does it change credibility?

My Two wives ended on a high note last week with some suspense but they seem like they still want us to keep us in that mood but with a different plot. I think the plots are getting mixed up or disjointed again. Why didn’t the story continue from where we left last week? What happened to the blind guy who was Monique’s date?

So this week Monique has a different boyfriend. I think I should even have stopped counting the people she goes out with. So this guy is filthy rich and she is being spoilt silly every time. From new clothes to necklaces to clothes and a holiday in Mombasa she is not getting any break.

This is a good thing for Monique I mean she has always wanted to have this kind of life from a long time ago. Things are getting good for Monique; she has always wanted a man who is going to just treat her so well. Toni gets jealous about all the things and she tries to get Zack to take her on a holiday. Zack does not want to go on holiday why would he?

Purity on the other hand gets Dama to do a lottery draw. Dama is skeptical about this but she starts doing her bid. She gets called by someone claiming she has won the money and they tell her she has won 50 million shillings. She is so super excited and calls Purity to tell her that she won and that she demands for half and not the money she had lent her to play the game.

Things get tough and she calls Toni out to help her. Toni asks for 40% of the money and Dama agrees to it. Toni throws out Purity out of the house and she tells her that she has to pay him.

Meanwhile Monique introduces Toni and Zack to David her new boyfriend who is the most arrogant person I have ever met. He pisses off everyone on that table and Monique gets mad when she calls her fat. She has a bad mood and throws him out of the restaurant they had met up with. Toni gets happy and tries to butter Zack up so that they go to a holiday.

My rating

The show was entertaining and the show deserves a rating of 9/10. The show threw me aback. It has an interesting twist to it but the story plot is a bit disjointed. I hope they can have a flow to some of the stories on the main characters.


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