Ian lies about his father and Samara is in trouble on Sep 11’s Tahidi High

Tahidi High students are contributing to Benja’s dad. See, Benja’s dad is currently suffering from cancer. Last week Benja was trying to look for a way to cure him. So his story got to the administration and they have the school print out papers. The students contribute a lot of money towards Benja.

Ian tries to do the same and he passes his “paper” around the class so that everyone can try and give him some sympathy. He tries to explain that his “father” is sick and that he also needs some medical fund to help him. his classmates are not buying it.

Mama Ashley comes to find out what the contribution is about and finds Mwiks giving her contribution to Jeniffer. She matches to the staffroom to find out what is going on with the contribution. She finds Kilunda and Karimi counting the money and Rohan and Ombija are also helping in that process. She raises hell saying that it they did not give her a note about Benjamin’s dad.

Things take a turn when Kibunja walks in with the contribution from workers and he lets out about Ian saying his Dad also has a medical problem. Kilunda realizes it is a fake and Karimi goes for him in his class. He talks to the class about cheating and lying and tells Ian to follow him immediately.

Rohan on the other hand tells Ashley’s mother about Samara her niece. Samara fainted because of Rohan , she has a crush on her. Rohan tells Mama Ashley about the whole thing and she throws a fit. She asks what he has that other men in the staffroom do not have. She insults Rohan and then shockingly Samara walks in. she confirms she fainted and she goes on to insult Rohan but pinches Samara’s ear and drags her out of the staffroom. She even tells Rohan that he needs an exorcist to remove demons out of her.

They go out and she slaps her and pinches her some more. She lectures her how to act in front of men and not to faint in front of them. She slaps her and leaves off out of the room crying. Samara is not having it easy.

My rating

The show is certainly worth my Tuesday evening. The show is good and they deserve a rating of 8/10. They are certainly changing the story lines to include new people and more drama to it.


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