Lisa is blackmailing Alpha on Sep 12’s Aziza on Citizen TV

Lisa has finally told Alpha she knows that Chiku is not carrying Zane’s baby but the kid is hers. He asks her what he wants and she says ice cream. Typical kid behavior right, anyway Alpha doesn’t seem like he has a choice now does he? He has to make sure her niece does not ruin the plan he has been working on the whole time.

Meanwhile Bobo has learned that Aziza is now a super model and is looking at her photos. Aziza is now a star I mean. Binti tries to surprise to get him but he finds him looking at Aziza’s pictures and thinks it’s her look alike. Bobo tells her that it is Aziza she is shocked and also sort of happy because she knows that she is one step closer to be Bobo’s girlfriend. Though Bobo doesn’t want to accept it he looks at her and smiles she makes him laugh you can just see the romance kind of brewing in a way.

Meanwhile Alpha tries to know how Lisa figured out the whole thing and who told her. She is almost made that she is learning Swahili and can figure out some words. Anyway Alpha does not get any answers from her and he just takes her home to find her mother waiting for her. She asks Lisa why they are close with Alpha nowadays and she makes some story about Alpha being less grumpy than Zane. Lilly does not buy it but oh well what can she do?

Zane and his mother have a heart to heart rather Zane denies being the father of the child that Chiku is carrying. She explains her frustrations about her kid and what she was thinking. She tells her how he is a disgrace and that he needs to fix things fast. Zane has not been having it easy from being slapped by Aziza to Bella disgracing her in a bar. Things are simply not going easy for him at all.

Mosi has on the other hand found out that Aziza is now a star. Actually, she found out while buying cigarettes. She goes to Chiku and tells her of the news and tells her that she is standing in the way of their success and her sister is making moves out there. she threatens to beat her if she makes a bad decision.

My rating

I had been on a bender from this show but this week I am back and the show is lit. I like it and the whole thing is just awesome. I give the show a rating of 10/10. The story is just perfect and it is adding up. We can see the plot just growing and growing.



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