Dr King’ori discusses marriage on Sep 14’s Wicked Edition

Marriage relations were the subject of Wicked Edition. The show kicked off with its usual round of issues. Top of the issues were MCA’s in Nairobi trying to remove Beatrice Elachi their current speaker of the house of her office and a lot of other issues that happened the week.

Personally, I would increase the time on the issues and have “analysts” discuss some of the issues.

This way, it makes the show a bit interesting and also gives Dr King’ori a chance to discuss  issues. It gives him a chance to actually comment on national issues on a serious note.

He got to discuss the main subject of the show which was “marriage relations”. It is something he has done a little bit about and last year he talked about relationships and this time him talking about marriage which is really like evolving the conversation a bit to suit more people now.

He approached the subject from different angles. First was the woman who got married to two men from Kitui. King’ori made it funny and it was interesting how he dissected the matter. from how the reporter says she is beautiful and the husband says he is only saying that he is staying with her because of the children. In short the irony of the statement.

He also pointed out about the issues that come with marriage such as fights and the rate of divorces that were coming up in the process.

He also had Size 8 and Dj Mo on the show. Those two have been married for 6 years now and they were happy to talk about their issues on the show. They discussed their issues and also what has kept them together.

I liked the fact that the interview was able to not be about keeping partners happy but also the challenges they had. They told of the times they got mad and even left the house. Size 8 left for like a week and Dj Mo stormed off then came back in the long run.

My rating

The show was definitely good and it deserves a rating of 8.5/10. The show was interesting and catchy. It did not disappoint at all the interview was funny and the puns were definitely good. Dr King’ori definitely aced the show. The show could use more time and look into such social issues. I liked the show this week.


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