Here is what went down on The Trend this September 14

The Trend yesterday had a lot of versatility to it. It was different and it did not disappoint this time. Amina had a lot of people on the show so here are a few highlights of the show:

Demarco, Redsan and Tiwa Savage on the show

Redsan is launching his album on Saturday. Amina hosted him on the show alongside Demarco and Tiwa Savage joining on the show a bit later. Demarco was happy and had a lot of energy on the show. He was not reserved and he did not behave like an international celebrity instead he had a lot of the show. Tiwa Savage came in any late and a bit tired but she also did not disappoint at all.

The interview put a lot of things into perspective. From Redsan being undercover from the music industry for the last 3 years working on an album to Tiwa Savage talking about her experience as a mother and Demarco discussing his career and him being signed into Akon’s label everything was covered during the interview.

Faruma Zarika discussing her career

The show also put on the spot Fatuma Zarika who recently won a fight. Fatuma has been doing a media tour this week talking about her career and what it has taken her to be where she is right now.

It was more of a profiling interview. Amina discussed a lot of things from her growing up in Satellite and hre letting her brother study because her parents could not afford her being in school. She narrated her ordeal about being kept in a house and not being able to practice as a boxer because her promoter could not allow her to do so.

I am Kenya Challenge

The top of the top of Kenyan music production also graced the show this week. Ulopa, Provoke, Polycarp Fancy Fingers and Musyoka.  They talked about the I made Kenya challenge and how it came about. A bunch of producers started making Kenyan beats from African tracks and basically producing them.

The producers also talked about empowering the next crop of producers and mentoring them in the process. Which is a good thing and an agenda setting moment for NTV as they were able to bring out this movement that can revolutionize the music space in Kenya.

My rating

The show deserves a better rating than I had given it last week and that will be 9/10. I was definitely entertained all the way during the show and that is a good thing in the process. Amina should always be on the show.


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