Why Nasra aced Churchill show this week

Parklands were the host for Churchill this week and it was interesting to watch the show. The show started with Churchill spoiling for a boxing match with someone. He was all dressed up and ready to fight and to his surprise the person chosen to fight him was Fatuma Zarika. She has been on a media tour this week. He immediately quit his fight and ran off the stage.  This left Jesse with no option to declare Fatuma the winner of the fight.

Nasra was next up on the stage and she did not disappoint. Her jokes were a bit mixed up but she still aced the whole thing. For instance her comparison about Kenyans and Somalis had me laughing all the way. How a person would walk in with a bomb and Kenyans would just treat him like a joke but when a Somali would walk in looking with a watch and say dakika mbili twende kwa Mungu (two minutes and we go to God) and everyone would run away and maybe he/ she meant going to see God in the mosque.

Nasra also did not disappoint with her jokes about Kenyan behavior and how they just act. For instance telling a Kenyan you are smart is the worst thing ever. They will brag from here to Timbuktu. They also do not keep it to themselves.

YY also did not disappoint but was not so good this week. His jokes were based on the current situation in the country. For example the extent of debt to China that is big and Uhuru still went to borrow some more from him. He also tried some jokes about salvation but they did not go down smooth with the crowd and got a few laughs from him. he rebounded after talking about Akothe and her one bouncer who has a walkie talki and Instagram Babies.

Churchill also came with an interview with Agnes Kagure Kariuki who came into the show for a media interview. She talked about her experience first coming to work in Nairobi and then becoming one of the best sales ladies in the society. The most interesting thing is that she has always won an award and has been one of the ladies who are going to replace Polycarp Igathe as the new Deputy Governor of Nairobi. They also celebrated their anniversary with her husband Isaac Kariuki.

MCA Tricky was the finishing act of the show and this time he did not disappoint. He did a good job mixing his puns and his stories. This time he did not just do puns alone which are tainting his image but also mixed things up a lot. I was impressed with his depiction of how a slay queen would act in heaven and what would be done to him/ her.

My rating

I think the show was good and it deserves a rating of 8.5/10. Churchill moving to different places is a good thing and it making things spicy. However the show also needs to mix up new and old comedians instead of grouping the show into good acts middle acts and then new talent in its programming.

Catch the full show here


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