A good Toni is perhaps not bad: Review of Sep 17’s My Two Wives

Zack and Toni have moved back to their home. They managed to pay the rent finally. Toni however did not know about it and her neighbour Bella calls to hear the news. She storms into the house and asks Zack why she had not told her about moving back in and he points out the drama she had caused a while back.

Zack plans to go up country and tells Toni about it and she is okay with the idea. Zack visits Fiona (his mother) and he asks why he has not come with Dama. He cooks up some excuse but he won’t go off that easy.  Fiona calls Dama and asks her to come home and leave with the first car that is leaving town. Dama arrives late in the night and surprises Zack. Fiona is excited and Zack on the other hand is freaking out because he does not know whether Toni knows about this story.

Zack’s eaves strops on a conversation his mother is having and hears that his mother has two weeks to live. Rather that’s what he had. He immediately calls Toni who is concerned and asks her about whether he is okay. Toni is so elated about the whole ordeal and knows that she will be rich after all Zack inherits everything when Fiona dies. She immediately moves back to town and convinces Zack to let her stay and that she will be good.

Toni tries to be nice to Fiona by offering to serve her tea and she puts so many tea spons in the tea and Fiona gets mad. She however makes food Ugali and Sukama wiki and serves Dama and Fiona who are surprised that she can cook. Who isn’t surprised Toni can cook. Well she actually watchd a tutorial to make the food.

Meanwhile Zack is trying to hold it together and is purely avoiding his mother. He gets emotional when she sees her and even brings out an old album to celebrate the good times together. He tears up and is forced to call for a family meeting to celebrate to make sure that they are on the same page. His mother is forced to explain that it was a misdiagnosis and that she is okay. This leads Toni to get hysterical and just mad at Zack for forcing her to come to the village for a misinterpreted fact.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 10/10. Things are back on track the show is good and they are fixing up the story glitch they had. Now the show is pretty much back on track Monique and Purity were not on the show today. (Well Toni called Monique).



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