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Media Watch: Condom adverts should be accepted and aired

Kenya’s film classification board recently decided to put on notice the adverts that seem to be having the HIV/TB Advertisement on wearing of condoms. The advert which has been running for the last few weeks has generated a lot of buzz about it.

Some are for while others are against the airing of the advertisement. The reasoning and logic is well respected by us at Media Critic Kenya. However I personally as a writer for this entity take a stand on this matter this way. Condom adverts should be accepted and should be allowed to be aired.

For one we need to start having a conversation on the importance of sexual education. Statistics have shown that children under the age of 18 years are having sex. Most of people are not waiting for marriage in order to have sex in fact some of them do not even wait for the night to end. This is not to excuse anyone’s behavior to have sex however it is a fact that people are having sex and we cannot stop that fact.

Listening to the CEO of KFCB say that condoms should be used by people who are in marriage is highly misleading. Condoms should be used by everyone and it is important for people to understand consequences of sex without protection. We live in a society that has no qualms getting an STD but cannot stand pregnancy but this is a story for another day.

It is important to ensure that each generation and age group has been taught about sex. I am not saying even toddlers but teenagers and young adults. It is not about being evasive about it and letting them get to marriage so that we can talk about marriage.

Sex is a very important aspect of marriage. I think to some extent it is a very important factor in marriage because if your partner is unsatisfied with you they end up going to look for sexual satisfaction somewhere else. The media should not join the bandwagon of KFCB to condemn the work it is doing to flag the advertisement.

However it should also respect the time that they run the adverts. Media houses need to run these ads mostly during watershed time and not during prime time a lot. This is my opinion though we need to run the adverts once in a while during prime time to have these conversations on sex.


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