Media Watch:  The media should make Pumwani saga about policy rather than politics

For 3 days now I have observed how the press has reacted when it comes to matters Pumwani Maternity hospital.  The matter has certainly grown out of hand and it is slowly bcoming another Kenyatta National Hospital. However I would like to see the media cover this one very different way.

For starters the side of the hospital staff has not been brought out well. The Governor suspended the hospital management immediately and investigations ordered immediately into the conduct of the hospital staff. However the media has not questioned the extent of the investigation. Up to now no names of the people who are responsible for the investigation has been released.

I pity the Doctors union because they have been eclipsed by Politicians who are in to save face. The policy problems dogging our medical and health sector is due to poor delivery of services and poor policy. A recent report showed that Doctors and staff workers in most hospitals in Kenya (public sector) are either overworked or tired due to the amount of work that they put in.

The doctors union KMPDU has always come out to talk about these issues during their strikes and have always tried to paint the situation that has always been there and present in our health care system. However little has been done to correct the issues. For instance no improvements have been made to address the poor bed spaces in our public hospitals and the referral system in the country to avoid everyone flocking the biggest referral hospitals in Kenya.

The media should avoid the spin game that is being played at City Hall. The governor exposed the dead bodies yes but what then is he going to do to correct the issues affecting the hospital that is under the Nairobi County jurisdiction. Though he has suspended the hospital leadership and top county leadership for differing with him it is obvious that things are going to be tough for him. his health policy for the county is still not understood if it is there and it needs to be checked if anything.

It is time that we checked the policy’s made by the health sector rather than just criticized the doctors for the work that they do under a lot of pressure. However this is not to mean that I support malpractice punish them for it but still treat the team with dignity and allow them some more staff. I repeat it should not be about politics but policy. Let’s fix our policy.


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