Mrs Ngatia has a breakdown and students almost riot in September 18 Tahidi High

Tahidi High took an interesting twist to it. It starts with Mr. Kilunda talking to the form 4s about their lives after school and how it would affect them. The conversation looked at how one views life after school and then the reality of what really happens when you leave school. He gives them advice on how to handle it and tells them to prepare for their exams.

Mrs. Mutembei is in a very foul mood and she takes it out on Jeniffer when she presents the sign in book. She asks why her tea has not been delivered. Jeniffer takes out the same on Chebet who is alone in the kitchen because Mrs. Ngatia is late in coming to work.

Meanwhile Mrs Ngatia has personal problems that are just too much for her. She comes to work late and is in a terrible mood. When Nzou tries to find out what is wrong she almost tackles him in order for her to pass. Her colleagues get worried and try to solve her problems but they find they cannot solve them at all.

She goes to Mrs Mutembei and narrates her problems to her and how she cannot be able to afford a place to stay and she had to move, how her husband left her and hwo things are not just going great in her life. Mrs Mutembei lends a sympathetic ear to her.

Form 4s go to the dining hall and find out that tea has not been made and almost cause a food riot. Chebet comes out to calm the children down and tells them to give her at least 20 minutes to prepare the tea. However they realize the workers have been served tea first which sparks another bout of anger almost striking but Mr Kilunda manages to make sure they go to class. They have other choice but to go to class.

Meanwhile Mrs Mutembei and Mrs Ngatia get out talking about her issues and Mrs Ngatia requests for an advanced salary. Mrs Mutembei allows it and she is given KSh. 5,000. The most interesting thing is that she refuses to get that advance because it is too little and has a break down in the office and almost beats up Mr. Kilunda and she shakes him so hard and she sits down and cries.

My Rating

I give the show a rating of 7.5/10 the show had an emotional touch which makes it relatable. We all have that one day that we get mad and almost have a mental breakdown. This is what I think the script writers felt like they had they to do.


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