Chiku and Zane are finally getting married on Sept 19’s Aziza on Citizen TV

It is finally time for Chiku and Zane to sort out the mess that they have. Chacha agrees to meet with Malkia Fay and her family. They are going to have a long talk about what they are going to do. this time however he refuses to go with Mosi since she caused a scene last week. Mosi agrees to stay at home and wait for them to come back.

As the meeting between Mzee Chacha, Chiku, Lily and Malkia Fay is going on Mosi walks in with a Kadhi. This lady is just too dramatic for life. She wants a wedding there and then and just have this thing done. Everyone is opposed to the whole thing and they decide to sit down and resolve the whole ordeal without a scene. Mosi argues with Fay about the whole thing however and Zane tries to reassert his innocence but no one is buying it. Lilly takes hold of the meeting and suggests a day to have the wedding and they agree to it well except Zane who storms off. Though the date has been set Chacha is not happy with the way Mosi behaved and he leaves her and her daughter and decides to walk home.

Meanwhile Camilla is not going to give Bella any peace about her losing to a maid. They argue about her work and what she is planning but things go south and Bella ends up slapping her sister. A fight ensues and their mother stops the fight. Bella however leaves the house and goes out leaving the house to her mom and Camilla.

Meanwhile Aziza is finally given a company home where she can stay. Alpha picks her from the hotel room and they go to her house. Aziza is so excited when she finds out about the house being hers and is just so happy she even talks to herself and has a moment of self reflection and almost cries when she remembers the problem that she had. Zane tries to go and find her in her old hotel but he finds out she had already left the place.

Towards the end of the show he (Zane) realizes where she is and vows to go and look for her. Meanwhile Lisa is planning a way to expose Alpha for the liar that he is. She has a monologue in her head and then goes back inside.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 10/10. It is just breath taking how things are getting. however Aziza did not get a lot of time on this episode and the suspense about what Camilla and Lisa are planning on is just killing me . The show is a definite hit though.



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