Mike Sonko: I will not give up my leadership style

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is not going to put an end to his leadership style which has been described as unorthodox. Sonko in an interview which we are going to look into right now defended his leadership style and how things are going for him in the office of governor.

The man who constantly referred to his predecessor Evans Kidero as the source of Nairobi problems came out guns blazing and tried to defend his leadership. He constantly reminded Nairobians of his corporate leadership style and how it had failed Nairobians and how his style was getting results in Nairobi County.

The governor who over the last 72 hours suspended at least more than 5 officials in his administration and in the administration of Pumwani Hospital was keen to explain why he is operating on hire and fire mode since he came into the office saying that he does not tolerate nonsense and resulting to a lot of theatrics and storytelling during the interview. He constantly tried to stop Jeff from asking any follow up questions.

He almost spent half the interview trying to narrate how he was able to nab the county officials. From how he got a text from a concerned resident to getting to the hospital incognito and sitting with mothers and even the nurses at the hospital who narrated their whole ordeal. He also claimed that there were tapes to prove that. He then moved on to the office of consultants and doctors only not to find out that there was no consultant and that the people in charge were away on official duty.

He also explained the suspension of the CEC Health, County Secretary and others who gave contrary statements. According to him they met and discussed that the statement would be to support the suspension of the officials suspended and that they gave a totally different statement supporting doctors.

Sonko also went on to talk about the current demolitions going on in Nairobi. He goes on to explain that no house that belongs to a poor Nairobian would be demolished and that no demolitions will be going on until a few things are sorted. Sonko’s biggest achievement includes the refurbishment of roads and many other issues which he talked about in his interview.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 8/10. Jeff was able to ask the tough questions but could not get follow ups that would have brought me accountability on the show. If only he could have gotten a chance to get those follow ups then things would have been different.


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