DPP “This is not a revisit” on Check Point

The Director of Public prosecutions, Noordin Haji showed up for a one hour exclusive interview with Sophia Wanuna. The interview ranged on a couple of issues from the ongoing case against Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu to NYS scandal to the ongoing Sharon Obado case.  Here are some of the highlights of the interview:


Though the cases have now subsided and the media fire has died down Sophia asked about the case. The first phase of the case has been probed but the rest has not been done. The first phase only interrogating 1 billion stolen in the heist but the 8 billion that has been left out has not been worked out. The DPP however pointed out that things are still under way to make sure that things will be sorted out in the process.

DPP Mwilu case

The most questions that the media has been asking were finally put forward. Ms Mwilu who has been brought to face charges of abuse of office has fought a legal battle to fight these issues.  Asked why he did not let the JSC take the case he thought that the work of the JSC is to discipline judges and not investigate issues. He also pointed out that he would not be pushing for her removal or resignation as there were no grounds to do so.

He also pointed out that her arrest which was carried out very nicely did not have anything to do with treating animals separately but just as an issue of treating one of the most senior persons with a lot of respect.  He also believes that she will not interfere with court processes in her case.

Sharon Otieno Case

The case that has sparked a widespread revolt among many people has caused a stir nationally. The DPP who has been very committed to this case and has been able to fast track the case talked about it. He maintained he wants to see justice served but they would not depend on emotions of the public but he would make sure he charges based on the evidence the DCI gets and has.

The DPP also pointed out the threats he has gotten since he got to office and prior to that. Threats from Al Shabaab and Al Queida and many other sources; he however pointed out that the threats do not give him any pressure and that he would do anything to make sure that he has gotten the job done.

My rating

I give this interview a rating of 8/10 Sophia was very firm and gentle at the same time. She managed to get the DPP talking and this was a good thing. She was able to explore the deep side of the stories in the interview.



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