Otoyo was the man of the moment on September 24’s Churchill Show

Churchill Show’s Parklands edition continued on this week. From the way this show is designed, you can predict that for two or three weeks, you are going to be watching comedians performing at one vanue. Here were some of the best moments of the September 24 show on NTV.

Rashidi Abdallah’s jokes on coastal people

Rashid has been able to keep it Swahili and Swahili people jokes. Truth be told his jokes have never disappointed.  This week was the same he talked about how Swahili women are complaining about the most weird things like how the time travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa has reduced and what they will do with the remaining time that has been left.

I also liked the pat he explained how women wake up at 5 am open shops at 8 am and close at 3 pm because they have been able to eke a living and how they do not want to tempt God’s fate and they are content.

Otoyo’s jokes

Otoyo is a very versatile comedian who has been able to make a name for himself by not just appearing on TV and Radio but also a standup comedian. This week his appearance on Churchill did not disappoint in fact it was impressive.

His narratives were so many I could not keep up because I was also laughing. His use of him being a NASA supporter is constantly a thing he keeps on referring on every time and it is funny. This week he was not sure if they are in government or in opposition and how he always finds himself going to Uhuru Park and how every time he is there he sees it bare and does not know what to do.

He also talked about Indians and Hindus and being the newest tribe in the country and how now Bukusu and Hindus can be able to marry without any problem.

The short church skits

Churchill has also started running small skits about things. The whole thing is prerecorded and some are funny but some are not. This week however it was good.

This week the short video was about church and how pastors use the most interesting things and how they lie to people and how they are going to make sure that things are going to be okay but in truth they won’t. The pastor is there performing miracles but one guy catches his drift and corners him making the whole church run away.

My rating

This week the show deserves a rating of 8/10. It did not disappoint and it was very good. I personally do not have an issue with it this week the show used both old and new comedians and the show did not have any glitches which made it really good.



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