Rat trouble in Sept 25’s Mafundi on NTV

Mafundi made its return this week after taking a break last week so that the Nation Leadership Forum can air.

The show kicked off with a customer who brought Thitima a Television to fix. Come to think of it Thitima fixes a lot of TVs is it like an electrician thing to fix so many TVs? Anyway he manages to fix the TV but the customer does not come to pick it up and after 6 weeks Pato convinces Thitima to let Ombwakni to start a TV watching business where people come and watch foot ball games and then pay for them after they are done.

Thitima buys into the idea and they invite him over. The business takes off and for a week the small venture pays off and they start having more and more people. This goes on and Ombwakni shifts his business somewhere else.

Meanwhile Phapha gets a job making seats. He finishes the project and the client is so happy having done all the work and goes off. However the next day she comes back mad at Phapha because he brought rats to his place. Phapha with his bad English tries to explain that it is not his fault but the customer is not hearing any of it.

This makes Sue, Phapha and the customer to go back to her place. They find two big rats very big rats actually. They are all shocked and surprised by the size of the rats. They run around the house trying to avoid the rats. Sue gets an exterminator to come to get the rat. The customer is so excited by his voice and his manly features and immediately crushes on him. However the guy that shows up is so small and so unmanly and she is so disappointed she goes back and changes.

Thitima gets a surprise when the customer comes to get her TV. Thitima is forced to call Ombwakni and Pato to get back the TV. He also starts hitting on the customer which pays off because they have a vibe which means Thitima is safe for now.

Ombwakni brings the “TV” and the money he has managed to accumulate over the days. However he played them he did not bring the TV but instead brought some pieces of scrap metal. They put together some money and they buy another TV which they give the customer and after some “persuasion” from Thitima she accepts the TV and goes home.

Phapha and the exterminator on the other hand embark on killing the rats by themselves. They manage to kill all 3 of them. Sue and the customer just stand there watching them.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 9/10. The show was a definite hit this week and it did not disappoint. The show had the comedy the plot was good and I just loved it.


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