This Rafiki movie: Monday Special review

Ezekiel Mutua came out guns blazing on Monday Special as he talked about a movie that has caused a storm over the last couple of months — Rafiki. People have been very divided n this issue but one man has come under fire from the creative and activist society, and that is Dr Mutua.

However the media has not been very good at covering this story. For starters it has turned to be a he said she said situation. KFCB has been battling with Wanuri Kariuki who is the producer of the Movie. The whole thing has turned out ugly in the long run. Wanuri who believes the movie does not have any issue is good and that it conveys a message that is not discussed a lot in Africa.

The movie is based on two girls who fall in love and they fight against the characterization of being homosexual. The movie paints the picture of how hard it is being gay in Africa and more so in Kenya. However the discussion has been suppressed for many years with a little discussion being put to it.

The media has not helped out the situation. For instance yesterday’s discussion did not include the Producer of the film. It is interesting that they chose to go with the film classification board head alone and not going into details into the film. It is good that they went with a sociology professor however what is the perspective of lawyers who are currently arguing a case on homosexuality.

The media has a chance to set the agenda on this issue. Sure it may irk the conservatists but it will go a long way it gives us a chance to square out an issue which we have had for years and years and one discussion which is swept under the rug every time or discussed very vaguely that no one gets wind of what is going on.

Personally I am very concerned with Dr Ezekiel Mutua and how he has reasoned out on this issue. question for him is when I watch Rafiki will it turn me gay/ lesbian. Also his support for the movie and his two face comments one day supporting the movie and the next day turning it down should alarm anyone.

I am also concerned by Wanuri’s silence about the rhetoric it is high time filmmakers in Kenya came out and made their position known on main stream media. Explain their story line and what informed them to do some stories. It will go a long way to having good stories.

My rating

I give Anne Kiguta 8/10 for the discussion. She could have involved more people into the conversation. However it is a starting point and she was able to keep point on the movie which is a good thing.



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