My Two Wives: Toni Blows up Zack’s Sh100m deal on Sept 24’s episode

So everyone is back in the city after going to visit Zack’s mum last week and finding out she is okay. This week things are just interesting. Apparently Zack this week has to bag a certain client who wants to invest 100 million with Zack’s investment bank.

Toni is so excited and tries to help Zack in every single way. She is so obsessed with getting a lot of money that she cannot stop rambling on about how to make a plan and how they are going to be rich. She even breaks off her relationship with Monique because they are going to be rich and chases her out of her house.

Meanwhile Toni goes to Zack’s office to tell her to come and make dinner at his house. Zack agrees and calls the client Alex to come to her house. She goes home and tries to get Dama to cook and she ends up insulting her. Dama leaves her on her own and goes to see Purity who convinces her to charge Toni for the cooking.

Dama goes back in and negotiates with Toni and gets a good deal for the cooking. She goes and prepares the food which is surprisingly so good. They have a surprising heart to heart about Zack and how and why she treated her the way she did.

Alex and Zack walk into the house and Toni is so shocked. It turns out Alex is actually a lady and not a man. She mistakes Toni for Zack’s mom and pisses her off the first 10 minutes she gets into the house. She insults Toni and Dama and throws a tantrum about Dama’s food having a lot of fat. She leaves and Zack is forced to take her to a restaurant and even there Alex throws a fete and pisses of the waitress. When they are done eating the waitress reveals she spat into her food. Alex hysterically pukes and makes Management fire the waitress.

Toni wants to get rid of Alex so bad she goes to Zack’s boss and tries to complain about him having an affair with Alex and that she does not want him dealing with Zack. However his boss does not buy it and goes home.  She goes home and Dama has a plan to have Monique follow Alex to find out what she is up to.  Monique refuses to help her and it takes Dama’s hand to intervene and she eventually makes Toni wash her dishes and clean her house.

Meanwhile Zack is close to having a deal with Alex and just has to stand her for a couple of more days. They go for a picnic and a dinner date. However Toni learns that Zack is taking her out and gets so mad she orders a taxi to take her to her to the restaurant. Toni and Dama arrive after they have already arrived at a deal and manages to mess it up. Alex changes her mind about the investment and leaves. Zack leaves mad and throws out Toni and Dama.

My rating

The show gets a rating of 10/10. I love the whole plot and such. This week the whole thing is so different though.


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