Highlights of Sept 25’s Sidebar on NTV

Sidebar this week was discussing the conduct of the 12th Parliament . The show was one of the best I have watched in a while. Here are quite a few things that made the show interesting.

Ken Mijungu’s My Take

Ken Mijungu’s My Take’s have always rubbed politicians and political pundits so badly every time he reads. He always has this way of rubbing both sides badly. His Take which went into attacking the independence of parliament and the inability to refuse the VAT amendments. Raphael Tuju pointed out as outright bias and that it was not inaccurate while Millie Odhiambo pointed out that some of the things he said were not true.  I think the fact that the piece hit the nail if it rubbed both sides of the political divide hit the nail on the head.

Ekuru Aukot and Millie Odhiambo’s squabbles

Ekuru Aukot was not giving Millie any peace. Every time he got he tried to advance the agenda of the Third Way Alliance and hitting out at NASA so much. Thing is I did not get why he was swinging for the fences so much he played so much defense.

Millie also did not waste time and she always gave a rejoinder. She called Thirdway Alliance; civil society. She went on to tell Ken Mijungu to bring in people who are on the same level with the big political units in the country and not some small political party.

Raphael Tuju’s subtleness

Raphael Tuju seems to be the only one prepared for the interview in that panel. He was very cunning and sly in his answer and no matter how much Ken tried to get some answers he still did not give in to his ploys. Things got so interesting and he gave some very interesting reasoning. Obviously government reasoning and he also tried to seem to sympathize with him and the government about having to pay taxes and that the taxes are a must to save ourselves from problems in the future.

My rating

I liked the show though there were some side shows I think Ken was able to ace the show all in all. I give him a rating of 8/10. However he needs to be pressing when getting follow ups and avoid shouting matches on TV they are not so good anyway. I think it is also an interesting thing he is now bringing in the Third Way Alliance a lot on the show which means the show is accepting more diversity rather than just civil society groups and Jubilee and NASA.  


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