Tahidi High is having a beauty pageant

Maya is still seeking for attention in school. This time she wore a short and tight skirt to school. She really just wants to cause some attention to the class and he aces it. The boys especially Jacob is buying into it however Nick, Maya’s crush is not and he even goes on to call her “leftovers”.  The guys break into laughter.

She gets called to go and see Mrs Mutembei and the rest of the discipline team. She gets there and they are surprised by the length of her skirt. Apparently all her skirts are dirty and her short skirt was the only way she could come with to school.

However she manages to save herself from punishment because she is planning to organize a fashion show. The winner will be a self esteem ambassador, she even does a poem about and it impresses all the discipline panel members.

Her feud with Queen is not over though. When she announces the event she is planning she tells Queen to go to Mrs Tahidi High not Ms Tahidi. Queen retaliates by calling her Miss Leftovers which almost causes a fight but Maya sits down and the fight is neutralized.

Meanwhile OJ is not giving up on Mwikali. She finds Mwikali performing in the drama class and he is impressed by her acting prowess. He asks her to be part of his project but Mwikali refuses and he tries to convince her and then tries to ask for a second chance.  She is still not interested in him but OJ is really trying hard to get her back.

Omosh walks in and tries to get her money from OJ for food and they have an argument about it. Omosh saw OJ giving Mrs Ngatia some money to sort out her issues and it ticked off Omosh to go fishing for some money. OJ gives him 200 shillings and tells him to give him back change worth 100 shillings. This makes Omosh so mad and he throws back the money to OJ.

Meanwhile Ian’s Aunt sends a relative who is hated by the school administration. He picks quarrels with everyone and anyone. He walks in to the meeting mad because the teachers were not sending him in. Mrs. Mutembei tells Ian to go back and bring her Aunt and they (teachers) leave him standing there.

My rating

I generally loved the show I give it a rating of 8/10. The story is somehow intact and it was able to accommodate everyone this time well except for some teaching staff and support staff.




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