Oct 2: Auntie Boss without Shiro was almost great, but…


It is common knowledge that Shiro (Nice Wanjeri) of NTV’s Auntie Boss has bolted out ot the sitcom after disagreement over the contract.

The October 2 episode was the first show to air without Shiro as Vanessa’s househelp. This is what went down:

1. Varshita and Donovan may have also quit Auntie Boss

There was talk about Varshita and Donovan migrating to a faraway place. Besides, their houseboy Njoroge is now a “free agent” looking for jobs. This could mean that the on-screen couple has finally switched to the Varshita show that airs on Maisha Magic East.

2. Vanessa and Mayweather are in new houses 

A keen viewer may have noticed that the scenes in Vanessa and Mayweather were not in the usual houses. It appears that, for the new season of Auntie Boss, there will be new locations.

3. Shiro being mentioned in absentia

The script writer is looking for a way to ease out Shiro from the viewers’ minds, and one genius way was to depict a scene where she has gone AWOL and is not picking Vanessa’s calls. The episode also had scenes where other househelps are discussing Shiro’s departure, which I read as a way of telling viewers that she will no longer be part of the show.

In fact, Vanessa held a mini-audition for a new househelp, and any viewer won’t forget that scene whenever they start wondering where Shiro went.

4. Othuol Othuol is the new watchman

The notorious guard called Cosmas is also out of the show, and his role will be taken by comedian Othuol Othuol, who sometimes features in the Churchill shows. Could it be an opportunity to make the show funnier? Only time will tell.

My rating

Overall, the Oct 2 show looked like a 7/10 to me. The introduction of Kyle as a talking character is a plus, not forgetting that Njoroge’s chicanery helps bring out the contrast with Vanessa that makes the show funny. What’s more, Shiro used to call her son “Kiarie”, and now she may have to get used to him being called “Kairo” by Njoroge.



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