My Two Wives on KTN: Synopsis and recaps (updated every week)

My Two Wives is a show that airs on KTN Home on Mondays from 8pm. Below are details of the programme.


List of actors in My Two Wives

For the list of actors, please click here.


Synopsis of My Two Wives

(This synopsis was published in the October 7, 2018 edition of Buzz magazine in the Sunday Nation.)

According to the director  of My Two Wives, Philippe Bresson, the show centres on its three main characters and not anyone in particular in the real world.

It was to be originally called “Inherited”, based on the African customs of inheritance, but called it My Two Wives to modernise the concept.

Zacharia Femi, played by Eddy Peter, grew up in a rural homestead and worked hard in school. This saw him get
a scholarship to the university in the city and he never looked back. He found love and settled down in the city with his wife, Toni (Diana Mulwa), One day, he was startled with the news that his older brother, Alphonse, had suffered a heart attack and passed away.

Zacharia must inherit his late brother’s wife Damaris (Wakio Mzenge) as his own, but he believes the idea is old and outdated. His mother guilt trips him into the idea by telling him that he will inherit 20 acres of family land if he does this.

How does he navigate through the confusing emotions of inheriting his
brother’s wife, and the steadfast marriage he has managed to build for himself? Facing financial difficulties, and with the promise of a piece of land, Zack takes Damaris with him to Nairobi. As time passes, Zach and Damaris develop a natural bond. They share the same childhood memoies from the village, things Toni will never understand, and against his will he finds himself drawn to Damaris.

Mr Bresson says that it is a situation of putting two people from different parts
of the world together. “We are not promoting polygamy. It’s more of a ‘roommate’ situation.”

Mr Eddy says, “I’m just playing a character and I thank God that my life is
not like that. If I was Zach, I would haverun away a long time ago; that is not an easy life.”


Our notes/ recaps on the programme’s weekly episodes 

(Editor’s note: Beginning October 8, 2018, we will not run recaps of the programme in different articles. All will be loaded as updates on this post.)


October 8, 2018: The ‘poisoning’ edition 

The story revolved about a new visitor in the house of Zach and his two wives Toni and Damaris. The visitor is Simon, Damaris’ younger brother.

What a cunning man this Simon is! First he sparks tension in the household by Claiming Toni is seducing him, then he hatches a plot to have Damaris injured so he can stay at the home longer to take care of her.

And Simon has in mind something more sinister. He wants Toni dead, if that is the only way he can ensure his sister finds peace in the home. But his plan to lace Toni’s food backfires as she busts him sprinkling poison into her food.


Media Critic Kenya’s Peter Ondabu rates the show at 8/10. “There was good character development, and good usage of suspense. It was hard to predict wbat would transpire,” he says.


October 15: ‘Chonga viazi’ edition

The show ended with Zach and his two wives peeling potatoes and washing utensils at a restaurant.

How did they get there? Each of them contributed in his or her own dumb way.

It started with Damaris, who got a job at the restaurant without telling either Zack or her co-wife Toni. This was her third day at the restaurant, having had a terrible first day and a promising second.

On her third day as a waitress, Zack who has been having a flu brings Toni for a celebratory meal. The two don’t have an idea Damaris is working there until her boss orders her to take their request.

It tickles Toni’s funny bone. How did Damaris find herself there? Zack wonders why she couldn’t tell him about her new job.

Things aren’t going to plan for Damaris. It appears an envious waiter has done her in. Soon, she is summoned to the boss’ office where she is accused of stealing money for sales. She is dismissed instantly.

Zack, having come over the shock of Damaris working there, offers to pay whatever money is missing. It then dawns on him that he doesn’t have any money on him.

It doesn’t help matters that by this time, they had already ordered their meal. The only solution, it appears, is to send them to the kitchen.

Toni, being the slay queen who doesn’t know how to do any house chore, finds it rough at the kitchen, and the others crack jokes at her expense.


Our critic Peter Ondabu likes the humour that ensued on the final minutes of the programme, and the drama that unfolded overall — the snatching of Toni’s purse, the remedies Zack’s wives had for his cold and such.

“Nine out of ten for me,” says Peter.


October 22: ‘Battle for the House’ edition

On tweets responding to today’s show, people are finding it funny the way Simon, the brother of Damaris who is as uncouth as they come, managed to win the favour of Monique.

There is everything to show that Simon bedded Monique. How? Apparently, the way Simon landed blows on Zack during a fight made Monique fall for him.

House supremacy battles led to that fight.

It started when Simo came to live in the household of Zack and his two wives.

Alongside him came Damaris’ mother-in-law, who had gone missing for years then surfaced out of the blue.

In the house, they want to ensure Damaris gets the acceptance she has craved all along, and even get to make babies with Zack, the man who begrudgingly inherited her after the death of her husband.

But their plan obviously doesn’t go down well with Toni, who at one point was forced to leave the house in a huff.

Damaris’ mother-in-law wanted to claim victory over Toni’s disappearance, but Damaris broke down, complaining that she never even cared when her (Damaris’ husband died).

But, luckily, Zack talked Toni into returning home.

How will the battle for the house go? Will Simon’s unexpected romance with Monique last? Makers of the show said it will be continued next week.


Critic Peter Ondabu noticed that the programme started trending on Twitter before the show and that after the show, it was the number one trending topic in Kenya. Which goes to show how the programme has enchanted fans all over Kenya. And as many observed, the Show did not disappoint. Peter gives it a clean 10/10.


October 29: ‘Drain the Swamp’ edition 

The show was all about Toni pulling all stops to ensure she ejected two of Dama’s relatives who have camped in their house.

First, she plotted with Zack so that they could fabricate the loss of Toni’s ring. They would then blame it on Simo, Damaris’ brother, then evict them using a fake policeman.

Problem is, Toni had leaked the plan at Monique’s place. What she didn’t know is that Simo, Dama’s brother, is now a resident at Monique’s place. He eavesdropped the conversation and it appears the information later helped him bust the plan.

Then Toni appeared determined to make things right by serving chicken to the whole family, including the two she wanted to eject.

But Mama Dama falls ill moments after tasting her portion, and Zack has a reason to think Toni wanted to poison her.

So, what is this info that Toni has been promised which will help her eject Mama Dama and Simo from the house, info that she has to go to the village to get it?

And how will Toni react to the news that her confidante Monique is in a relationship with Simo, the man she considers a pest in her house?

Next week’s episode promises to be dope as answers to those questions unfold.


It was another hot episode of My Two Wives, going by the comments on Twitter during and after the programme. Our critic Peter Ondabu rates it at 9/10.


November 5: The world comes tumbling down for Damaris’ lying mother

One of the villains of My Two Wives, Damaris’ mother, was the point of focus in this episode.

For the past few episodes, she has been revealing her dark side, trying to shift the power balance in the Zach household  — to topple Toni and have Damaris as the main woman in the household.

Toni is off to the countryside, on a mission to dig up dirt on Gloria, Damaris’ mother. Gloria takes advantage of the absence to give Damaris tips on how to shift the power balance.

But the plot backfires spectacularly. Soon, Gloria’s pack of lies comes tumbling like a house of cards.

Before she knows it, Toni is on her case, as is Zach and her daughter Damaris. The episode ends where Gloria is being chased from the house, but she promises that she is not done yet.


Our critic Peter says the most outstanding point about the programme is how the actors managed to deliver a believable narrative. Simo’s impossible relationship with Monique offered a hilarious side story, giving comic relief to the show. “An 8/10 won’t hurt,” says Peter.


November 12: Damaris’ turn to be spoilt with love 

One can say it is understandable how Damaris got herself “inside the box” of Darmian, the employer of her erstwhile friend Purity.

She is desperate for love. On this episode, she tried all she could to get Zacharia (Zack) to love her, including cooking a sumptuous meal of ugali and chicken. She tried replicating a yummy date her co-wife had set up for Zach initially. But being a woman from the village, she thought banana leaves spread on the floor can replace rose petals. Poor Dama!

After all her effotrs, all she could get from Zack in the end is “I love my wife Toni”.

And so, who can be blamed when she fell for the cosy hands of Darmian?

It was interesting how Darmian fell for her. Purity somehow secured a job at Darmian’s place as a househelp and she was confiding in her friend Damaris on how she wants him to herself.

Things went south when Darmian arrived and fell in love with Damaris at first sight. Purity at first thought it was a misjudgment but it would later be clear to her that Damaris and Darmian are an item.

And a situation arose where Damaris needed to send Purity on a house errand. Imagine your friend “slicing” you a boyfriend then later acting like your boss. Poor Purity.

All of a sudden, Damaris was  wearing a Sh20,000 dress and high-end blings. And she told Toni and Zack that a friend bought them for her. Is this the beginning of a Damaris who is loved? Future episodes will tell.


It is another 8/10 from our critic Peter. The acting skills of everyone on the show are excellent, and there was no shortage of humour.

However, a story that was to be continued last week about Damaris’ relatives was not carried forward this week. Is that a strategy by the makers of the drama to eliminate predictability? It seems so.






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