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Aziza series on Citizen TV: Recaps for Oct-Nov 2018

Aziza is a Swahili drama series aired on Citizen TV every Wednesday at 7.30pm. Its main character is Sanaipei Tande, a singer in real life and also in the programme.

The synopsis of the programme provided to DStv says: “The people of Amokhie are threatened when the tusk of authority falls into the hands of a criminal who forcefully rules by brutalising the community.”

For the list of actors, please refer to this link.

(Editor’s note: From October 31, 2018, we will be bringing you weekly updates of the show, updated here.)

October 31, 2018: The wedding edition

Chiku is finally going to get married to Zane. She does not love him but thanks to her mother she has no otherwise and she has to get on with the program. Things people do for money, right? Anyway back to the wedding and it is wedding day after numerous negotiations the day is finally here.

Chiku is excited about the numerous dresses she has and Binti is there to keep her company. They have become such good friends Binti did most of the things to make sure that the wedding is good and is as smooth as possible. Mosi on the other hand makes it look like it is her wedding and it is just making things so difficult for her.

Meanwhile Fay is freaking out about everything. It is her son’s wedding after all and he is marrying what she would consider a “low life” and things are not just making sense for her at all. Things are just weird and messy for her right now and she does not even know what to think anymore. Lilly comes in and tries to make things better for her. At first she is hostile about her but Fay opens up and they have a sister bonding moment that is just priceless and for me the highlight of the show. She talks about how her mother did not trust Ronnie who was her husband and how he was afraid of their mother. When Fay brings up Lilly and Ronnie’s affair they end the discussion right there.

Zane is stressed and is just not feeling the wedding to Chiku. Who can blame him though it’s a forced wedding? Alpha tries to come and make him feel better but he chases him away. Alpha is a two faced snake I tell you. Anyway after chasing her away he calls Aziza who is getting ready for the wedding. Aziza ignores the call, wipes off her makeup and changes to her stay at home clothes. Dizo comes to her house to check if she’s ready and finds out she is not going.  He gets sad and tries to convince Aziza to go and we will have to see whether she finally agreed next week.

Bella’s mum is having it rough with nightmares. Anyway this one was just too terrifying to watch. Apparently her husband is now roaming her room and just making her feel weird. His ghost even taps her. This had to be the scariest part of the episode.

Meanwhile Chacha is missing in action. Last time we checked he went to have a shower but we did not hear much from him. When Binti goes to check up on him he finds him asleep. Like he is asleep, deep sleep which is really suspicious.

My Rating

Our critic David Mwenda says: “The show is still on role I give this episode a rating of 10/10. It is just so interesting and it is getting more interesting. It is the most dramatic shows Citizen has ever commissioned and I like it.”

November 7: The wedding edition continued

The wedding day is finally here. I feel like I have been saying this too much. The producers of the show have brought some intrigue and some fan fare to the whole story which makes you want to keep watching and watching. The climax however did not really make me happy that much.

Bobo is still trying to find out where the heck Chacha is but to no avail and it is really frustrating him. The wedding however goes on well with or without Chacha. Mosi is the proudest mother of this wedding. Why shouldn’t she be anyway she has hit the “jackpot” she has wanted since day 1 which is one of her children gets married to a rich person.

Chiku and Zane arrive at the wedding and they look like they have been literally been forced into marriage. Zane looks tired and like he has not slept in decades, Chiku is just there just looking on. She looks so tired and just unhappy and the vibe she is giving off is not so positive. Lilly and Mosi try to cheer both of them up and just make them look alive but it is not helping anyone.

Malkia Fay looks so unhappy at her son’s wedding and is determined to have the ceremony end as quickly as possible. The whole thing is just not going right with her. Lilly tries to get her to be comfortable but to no avail. She tries to quell the crowd brought at her house but she is out voiced by everyone at the ceremony. She storms off to her house and Lisa brings her a glass of water to calm her nerves down and it almost works. She lets her heart out and throwing the punch line “ Zayne amenitoa nguo mbele ya watu” loosely translating to Zayne has undressed her in public. She tries to go and quell down the singing but Lisa convinces her to stay in the house and make sure that they have kept quiet.

Alpha is on the other hadn’t having a lot of fun and is just dancing like he has not done anything wrong. Lisa pulls him aside to ask if he is as happy and he gets mad. Lisa is planning a really very tough game here and I cannot begin to fathom what Alpha will do to keep her mouth shut.

Zane and Aziza have an argument about her not picking his calls. She is very mad at him for “sleeping” with Chiku and getting her pregnant and she is not letting go. Their argument is inconclusive and Bella is going to do a lot of things to do everything to break this marriage a part.


Our critic David Mwenda says: “I think this episode is a build up and though I do not like the climax I like the suspense element it has. So this week, I will rate it at 9/10.

November  14: The Twists, the turns and the new beginnings

This week Aziza was full of twists and turns. The wedding was still part of the plot this week but there are new things that changed.

Aziza finally performed this week at the wedding. Though she has been having problems with her family, she performed nonetheless. She sang Sanaipei Tande’s hit song “Mfalme wa Mapenzi”  and got the whole crowd excited.

This is how the rest of the plot unfolds.

Chiku and Zaneare forced to dance to the song. Of course both of them do not want to do it but who can blame them.

The two dance out as Bobo comes to break to Aziza news about her dad being sick. They both rush to the hospital and they find that he passed away.

Mosi and Aziza walk in and when Mosi is busy trying to argue with Aziza. She then breaks the news about her father. Bobo confirms the story and they leave to collect the body for burial. This scene was so tense and sad at the same time. Chacha’s role has been put to bed.   

At the home of Chacha, the fight between Mosi and Aziza isreignited when Mosi realises that mourners are giving Aziza money and ignoring her.

She goes to Aziza and starts shouting at her and telling her to leave the place immediately. She follows her to her room and cuts the picture of her father and tells her never to call her “mother” ever again. She even blames her for the death of Chacha because of her “talent”.

Meanwhile, Alpha has got into bed with the devil. Camilla made her way to the heart of Alpha and they ended up sleeping together. The two have some pillow talk a bit and how they were both drunk and she leaves using the balcony.

Alpha heads out to the living room to find Chiku has prepared breakfast for her husband. Turns out she got everything wrong. Zane hates pastries and she has made pastries. Fay just laughs, Alpha tries to eat but Lilly slaps his hand. Alpha breaks to Chiku indirectly about the death of her father by asking her to call her mother.


Our critic David says: “This show was a bit of a drag; so many concepts introduced into one show. However, the new twists seem to provide for a better show. I am loving the whole act of Camilla being the all-new star villain of the show I’ll give this one a rating of 9.5/10

November 21: New fights, new alliances and a whole new narrative 

Remember how last week we were left in suspense over what Bella would tell Camilla the fight left me a little bit disappointed. I expected one big shouting match that would leave me wondering what the hell happened. They ended up having a “calm” argument if there is even a thing like that. Camilla ends up disowning Bella as a sister and Bella the same. Camilla is proving to be more cunning than I thought. Her plan though not elaborate makes me want to watch and see what will happen.

Chiku on the other hand calls her mother to find out what Alpha had indirectly told her.  Her mother at first tells her that everything is okay. She keeps on asking until she hears a mourner yell about the death of her dad. She drops her phone and goes into the house crying to break the news of her dad to the family. Lilly, Malkia Fay andthe rest are as shocked as her and go into a few minutes of mourning for theirformer chef.

Chiku leaves off going and seeing her mother with her husband, Zayne. She gets there and she shouts at her mother for a long time until Mosi (her mother) slaps her. She tries to then calm her down and she leaves to go and look for Aziza in their old room. They have a sister reunion and they talk about their lives for some few minutes. Chiku even sends Zane away to go and she will catch up with him later in their home. However Aziza and Mosi have an argument that makes her leave the house.

Lilly and Malkia Fay have an argument about what to do for Chacha. Malkia Fay does not want to do anything for him. The only sorry she will give is with word of mouth and nothing else. It is not going to be anything else for the crew. Malkia Fay is just not going to do anything else to the two and why she after all she has done more than enough. What you will love though is the new relationship the two have it seems directors are slowly changing the whole thing.

Zane and Chiku have an argument about sleeping in the same bed and her dating Alpha. Zane is so categorical that they will never share a bed. This marriage is just proving to be more entertaining than I thought.

My rating

I would give this show a rating of 10/10. I like how the directors have put this show together something riveting. I think the whole thing is just picking up after the long wedding narrative. I think the show is going to show.


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