Oct 15: Hot debate on Classic 105 on who men confide in


Today’s topic was from a news headline two days ago where a man in Kilimani was found dead and police suspected it was suicide.

Research said that 10 out of 15 men are commiting suicide simply because they can’t scream out their problems like women do.

Maina asked the question: “Who do men share their problems with?”

A man tweeted that men cannot talk to their wives about their problems because they are the cause.

A woman said that a man who doesn’t talk to his wife can’t be pitied. She added that if the woman is the cause, she should be talked to so that she can reform.

A man called and said the reason the wife is not consulted is because they are hard-headed.

“The man seeks solace from barmaids or prostitutes or even their house helps. That’s why you find most men have a side woman who they can talk to,” he saie.

He also blamed the church, claiming that its not playing the role its supposed to.

A woman called and said that men should marry their best friends and not just the woman with his kid.

A man called and said that from his own experience, he confided in a friend who told the wife everything and soon the story was the talk of the village. He said that since then he would rather keep his problem to himself.

A man said that the solution to problems should be your home not the world.

A woman tweeted that men were created to be strong. That’s why they don’t even cry at funerals.

A man said that things happen and one would rather keep them to yourself. He also said that during circumsicion the men are told to bear with the pain and if they cry its a curse.

My rating
I rate the show at 8/10. It talked about the real kind of life that people are living in.


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