Samuel and Benjamin: the hot Komora brothers turning heads on Citizen TV’s Aziza

Komoras 2


The Aziza series on Citizen TV is a much-loved drama programme. Its plot, characterisation and suspense have left many hooked.

Among the reasons why viewers are glued is a duo of brothers whose handsomeness has left awe in many a female fan. They are Samuel Komora, who plays Alpha, and Benjamin Komora who plays Zane.

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Benjamin became a household name by featuring in Nairobi Diaries, a reality show on K24 focusing on the lives and the beefs of various socialites.

In an interview with DStv, he was asked if he considers himself a socialite. He answered to the negative.

“Despite what people might think I don’t consider myself a socialite. These are just the tags people give you when they see you like let’s say in Nairobi Diaries. I’m just a guy who is living his life,” he said.


The Komora brothers at one scene in Aziza.

From the comments received so far, the brothers are doing well for the show.

“You made the Pokomos to be famous,wagwan guys,” commented Ricky Amos in a recent Facebook post.

“Are you real twin brothers or it’s always a computer trick?” asked  Evelyne Mukolwe on the same platform.

They have even been a topic on Kilimani Mums, and some ladies have not been shy to express their affection.

“Vindu vicute, Vindu vieatable, Vindu vihandsome, Vindu vibabyface, Vindu vitamtam, Vindu vifanyanga my heart go faragash,” typed Anna Franko in one forum.

Katrina Kaif wrote: “Vindu vihot vindu fine.”
























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