Real Househelps hasn’t run for two weeks and no one is explaining why

Real Hsehelps apology
The apology posted by Real Househelps.


The Real Househelps of Kawangware, a sitcom that runs on KTN Home every Wednesday after the 7pm news, did not air on October 10 and October 17, raising fears that it could have been axed from the KTN Home line-up.

The makers of the programme could not disclose in a tweet they posted on October 17 apologising for the no-show.

They said in a tweet just before 9pm that they would “act fast” to ensure the programme resumes. The tweet read:

Dear fans, we THANK YOU for your unending enthusiasm and love for We APOLOGISE DEEPLY for not having the show run as usual. We feel your pain and are acting fast to resume normal running. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

On Instagram, star actor DJ Shiti pleaded for understanding from fans. He typed:

Twaomba Msamaha Sana Jamani…. Makosa Hufanyika kwahiyo tafuteni Nafasi kwa Mioyo yenu Mtusamehe Jamani….

From the comments from viewers, it also appeared that Real Househelps is no longer being uploaded on YouTube, the platform through which some fans caught up with the various episodes.

Some of the comments to the Real Househelps tweet are:

“What’s really going on??? Kama ni pesa Tunaweza changa.” – Pta Kasee

“And kindly look at the cast you have… Hawaleti shangwe. Most of them are not entertaining at all they irritate. Say hi to Mr and Mrs Abong hapo ndio iko kitu. Awiti na boss wake is becoming boring. Make it entertaining.” – Martin Amakoye

And these were some of the responses to DJ Shiti’s post on Instagram:

“Please move fast to reinstate the show..am so addicted to it.” – DJ Docy

“Siezi kaa kwa TV then boom Moses and the ten commandments NKT.” – Joel the Prince.

“Aki mtoi wangu anangoja uonyeshane kenye umedo after ombaomba zako huhuhu.” – Alice Anne

UPDATE: The programme appears to have been axed because in the recent programme lineup from KTN, Moses and the Ten Commandments starts at 7.30pm on Wednesdays, leaving no room for Real Househelps.


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