Ebru TV’s ‘Perfect Match’ programme could give the station a lifeline


Ebru lineup

A snippet of Ebru TV’s Saturday evening shows, where ‘Perfect Match’ features.

By now, you must have seen a funny edit or two depicting a man and a woman on a date, where hilarious effects are added to reinforce the comments made.

It appears the stuff people say on first dates are a rich source of fodder for humorous montages like the ones that have gone viral on social media.

Ebru TV is the source of the videos that are later edited by funny-headed people across the 254 and posted online.

The videos originate from its programme ‘Perfect Match’ that runs on Saturdays from 7.30pm. It evokes memories of Tujuane, a show that was a hit at KTN a while ago before it jumped ship to heaven-knows-where.

Not many people fancy Ebru TV, though. It is in the category of minor stations for now, and I believe it can leverage on ‘Perfect Match’ to win the eyeballs is to badly needs and to endear itself to viewers.

Placing it on Saturday, as per the programme line-up on their website, places it at pole position to win the weekend audiences.

Below are some of the comments that Kenyans have been making on social media about the programme:

WHY did none of you tell me about Perfect Match on Ebru, because this show is GOLD. GOLD.  – Njoki Ngumi – May 14, 2018

There’s this show called Perfect Match on the Ebru Youtube Channel. Thank me later. – Lynnz – February 6, 2018

Perfect Match on Ebru TV is my new fave show. Yaani, we’ve even roped my bro into watching this nonsense – Kari Ki – July 17, 2018

Well, Ebru TV. The ball is in your court.


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