Judging the handwriting of various NTV personalities

Nation Media Group this week released a page where various employees had written messages to wish success to the candidates sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. Below is the page.


The NMG page wishing success to KCPE and KCSE candidates.

We have scrutinised the handwriting of various NTV personalities and we give a humorous analysis of what their handwritten statements say about them.

Mark Masai

The message comes out exactly the way he talks. The way he wrote it also shows that he takes quite some attention to detail.

1Mark Masai

Mark Masai’s message.


Jane Ngoiri

Heaven only knows why she chose to write in caps. She also left a very basic message, which shows that she is perhaps a businesslike person who has no much time for trivialities.

1Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri’s message.

Trevor Ombija

Quite a deep message. Shows his poetic side. Handwriting not too ugly, much like Trevor’s face.

1Trevor Ombija

Trevor Ombija’s message.

Ken Mijungu

There is something random about the capitalisations in Mijungu’s message, which shows that he could be carefree in some aspects of his life.

1Ken Mijungu

Ken Mijungu’s message.

Salim Swaleh

Quite neat, and the Kiswahili is perfect. I think the scanner used left out a few characters in his message but all looks fine.

1Salim Swaleh

Salim Swaleh’s message.

Joshua Makori

Mr Mwanaspoti’s handwriting is okay, but you will notice a misspelling of “maanake”. Kosoa haraka upesi.

1Joshua Makori

Yoshua Makori’s message.

Hellen Aura

Undeniably, this young reporter has the best handwriting on the whole page. It shows a meticulous and keen person who is also organised.


1Hellen Aura

Hellen Aura’s message.


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