Daily Nation vs Standard fight: Nine pictures that tell the story


It seems to be an annual tiff. Daily Nation knows it is a market leader and it never lets a chance to proclaim this go by.

Recently, we have seen posts from Daily Nation aimed at declaring to the world how dominant it is compared to its rivals, mainly the Standard.

But as is often the case, Standard never takes such challenges lying down. Below are some of the messages Nation has been posting. Standard has responded only once and their photo is at the end of the article.

So, who rules the roost?

  1. Daily Nation
DN 3

Daily Nation wants everybody to know that through its print and online platforms, it reaches over 35 million people in a day.


2. Daily Nation

DN 7

They are the kings and they need not be humble about it.

3. Daily Nation

DN 6

Daily Nation says it is bossing everyone around; that its competitors shrink to obscurity when it comes to the picture.

4. Daily Nation

DN 5

Nation believe they are the ones who do things for the rest to copy.

5. Daily Nation

DN 4

Daily Nation is using data from the Audit Bureau of Circulation showing that it is the second best selling paper in Eastern and Southern Africa. Beat that, Standard!

6. Daily Nation

DN 2

Again, shade being thrown on who is the boss in this sector.


7. Daily Nation

DN 1

Daily Nation sought another way of illustrating the September figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

1. Standard

Std 1

Miffed by the many proclamations of dominance by Nation, Standard decided to fire back, seeking to remind the world that they own a number of famous brands which, they argue, reach a whole lot more people than Nation’s. This is war.


2. Standard

Std 2

Standard Group believes it has more new products than Nation Media Group. Never mind, they copied the Transform Kenya idea from the Nation Leadership Forum. That’s how wars are fought, huh?

We are looking forward to more jibes as this clash of titans rages on.


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