Nov 26’s Mafundi: Divisive rhetoric almost ruins Pato and Phapha’s friendship

This is what went down in the November 26 episode of Mafundi show that runs at on NTV every Monday at 7.30pm:

Phapha and Pato are talking and Phapha passes out from listening to Pato (how exhausting can one person be!) talk a lot and not getting anything.

He gets a dream of a party at Mafundi guys are having fun and he is just looking at people. He is woken up by the whole team and then they go on to work on their projects.

Kigo and The Tima go to a job but The Tima realizes he has to do something illegal. He at first refuses and threatens to go home. Kigo promises him a good pay day and The Tima has a sudden “change of heart”, the love for money right?

They have to use a ladder but since they forgot it The Tima has to climb on top of Kigos back to make the connection.

Soon as he is done making the connection he falls down. When they go to finish the connection Kigo and The Tima have an argument after Kigo is insensitive about him however they try finish the connection and they are electrocuted and found by the police.

Mean while Pato and Phapha are divided by a customer. The customer who wants to have her water kettle fixed refuses to have Phapha to have it fixed because he is from North and gives it to Pato because he is from South. Phapha gets mad and he revenges when the mayai pasua (Kenyan meal consisting of boiled eggs and salad spread on it) guy comes to sell the products and he makes sure Pato does not get any eggs for that day. Pato does the same to him when the tea lady comes in.

Though the scene tries to make sense of Kenya’s tribalistic nature it uses figurative language. I would have rather they used tangible references or some examples and call it out since they reconciled at the end.

Going back to the Kigo and The Tima, Kigo is arrested and The Tima runs away and goes to the office to beg for help. The Tima is like the scary cat of the group always scary of how things may turn out. The police man who chases him catches him and he is left shouting out to everyone who is at the shop. Sue promises to get him out and hatches a plan to get him.

She goes in as a paralegal and threatens the police men and asks them questions about whether they read them their rights and such. They are eventually let out.

Phapha and Pato are forced to make up after they learn that the woman who was dividing them is known for that. They are even forced to hug but the two are reluctant and they instead shake their hands.

My rating

It was quick to notice the tribe-leaning show but it could have used tribes someone can relate to easily. I am not encouraging tribalism but a discussion or conversation would have been set of this. The issue of illegal connection was very relatable and I liked the approach. I give the show a 7.5/10.   


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