Nov 28’s Tahidi High: Is Mrs Mutembei out and Miss Morgan back?

Tahidhi High’s Miss Morgan. COURTESY.
Tahidi High’s Mrs Mutembei. COURTESY 

This is what went down on the Tahidi High programme that runs on Citizen TV every Tuesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Pat goes into Mrs. Mutembei’s office to find out why she is not finding out why they are not being taught. Mrs. Mutembei gives an interesting reply of a typical “what do you want me to do?”

Pat almost lecturers but she leaves when Mrs Mutembei calms her down. Mrs Mutembei is just going through a lot and you have to wonder how she will salvage the situation.

Meanwhile, Mama Jimmy is back at work after a long time and quitting and being accused of stealing school supplies. Jennifer plays a prank on her by telling her that the police are coming to her. When she sees Mrs Mutembei she tries to resign but she is having none of it. On the other hand Mrs Ngatia hides the evidence of her having the supplies office key and is almost caught by Nzou and she feigns prayer. Mama Jimmy goes back to work and she almost argues with Mrs Ngatia because she is not helping.

Mr Kilunda and Mr Karimi have a conversation on how the school and its leadership. Kilunda is not planning on helping Mrs Mutembei run the school. They talk of Mr Tembo’s days and how his leadership was good; probably leaning on last week’s episode of Miss Morgan coming back to Tahidi High. However, this week’s episode did not build up on that. It focused on Mrs Mutembei’s leadership — which signifies that Mrs Mutembei needs help.

Meanwhile, Mama Ashley shows up at school. This lady is just trouble every time she steps into the school. She lecturers Jennifer for using the school resources to call a friend and tells her she will pay for it. She then heads on straight into the office to find out what is going to happen to Samara and Korir. She pressures Mrs Mutembei into letting Samara and Korir back into school even though she is not Korir’s parent. If all parents were like Mama Ashley we would be having a lot of trouble in schools and cases of teachers beating up parents.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 7.5/10. The story is piecing up and we are about to find out if Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan) will be coming back to the show as a permanent cast on the show. I think the script writer could have made it more realistic rather than throw people off balance with a whole new narrative.   


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