RIP radio as adult content continues to fill up morning shows

  Steve Mokaya


Radio is arguably the most influential and most impacting mass medium among most rural homes. It is also among these rural homes that moral values are most keenly adhered to. However, the introduction of sex-related programmes in most radio stations has threatened to take away our values that for so long we have held dear.

Those of you who grew up in the countryside, or better still, conservative homes will attest that speaking of sex in public is a taboo. It is for that reason that ‘sex’ is called lesser offensive words especially in the countryside, names like ‘tabia mbaya’ (bad behaviour).

Those who have problems with relationships are required to solve their matters in private, without blurting it out to every tom, dick and harry. But alas! Those good old days are now vanishing away.

Radio stations have rebranded themselves as marriage and relationships counsellors, providing pieces of advice to every boy, girl, man and woman in need; and ON AIR! Just as the act is done in the comfort of the two’s privacy, the issues emanating from the whole thing should also be handled in privacy. I get so much disturbed; and I often get embarrassed on the stead of those who unflinchingly recount how their partners cheated on them and went on to do blah blah, things that one could not dare say before physical people.

What drives people, especially those of the married category to wash their dirty linen in public? Be it known to you that just as many people will laugh at your problems, those listeners will also laugh you off. Well, a few may call to commensurate with your sad ordeal but the majority will be like, ‘’so what?’’

And, after you have embarrassed this boy, man, girl, lady on air will you expect them to treat you with respect thereafter? Come we reason together. You say all the hogwash in your mind about somebody before the nation and you expect them to provide for you, to fend for you in be more humane than before?

As if putting it before the public is not embarrassing enough, some radio stations and programme hosts have the audacity to air it live in the morning, as early as 9am.

This is the time that all age groups are awake and active. Ears too are active. For goodness sake, the programme is for adults only.

Nowadays every radio station is following that trend of hooking up people, bringing broken families together and discussing bedroom matters on air. Well, they may be fetching good money, after all what most people like is food and matters relationships, especially the youth; but think ye of moral ethics. We can do better than this.


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