My Two Wives on Dec 3: Uncle Buba loses the sky and ground for dalliance with a ‘sly’ queen


Uncle Buba is dead. Damaris and Toni are mourning as Zach receives the news. 

Burial plans are underway at his rural home because he hasn’t been seen for two days. How sad, how sombre!

But wait. Uncle Buba is not dead. He just got carried away by booze.

He bursts into Zach’s house high as a kite. And with him is a slay queen he repeatedly calls Mary, though she repeatedly corrects it to Mya. 

Mya is heavily pregnant and Uncle Buba is into the idea that he fathered the child, never mind the fact that they met just a week ago.

Damaris incessantly reminds Uncle Buba about his loving wife in the countryside but the man won’t listen as he is head-over-heels in love with her. 

There is another problem. Mya wants to take over Zach’s homestead. She believes Zach’s wives, especially Damaris, are her subordinates. That is why she has a whistle that she blows every time she needs assistance from the “househelp” Damaris.

Turns out she is not as smitten as she wants Uncle Buba to believe. Apparently, she is part of a syndicate that extorts money in the name of love. And at the heart of the syndicate is Martin, Zach’s friend.

So she dupes Uncle Buba into withdrawing Sh5 million from his bank account, the mission being buying a house. But she manages to make away with the money and leave Uncle Buba high and dry. 

That is when her true colours come out, and she confesses, rather rudely, that she was not into “old man” Uncle Buba.

Then Uncle Buba crawls to his house one night and his wife doesn’t want to see him. He is a dejected man, a man at least Sh5 million poorer and without a wife. Poor Uncle Buba! 

My rating 

The show gets an 8/10. Passionate acting as usual, and a tight, unpredictable story. But why were some words by the actors censored? And has all the drama of Damaris and her admirer Damien ended? It appeared to be a jump of plot, which I don’t know if it was intended. 


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