Dec 3: Mafundi fraternity tries to save their place from demolition

Mafundi’s partnership with Uraia is proving to be something that is working well for the program. The show has been able to explore topics which are a little tough to handle in a news bulletin — from police brutality, leadership and accountability, human relation problems to tribalism in the country.

This week, the main theme being explored was the poor healthcare system and the poor response by the legislative arm of county governments.

Phapha gets sick after eating left-overs at home. The best part of that is Phapha being force-fed by his wife and she makes sure that he has eaten after he wakes her up at night and she finds him eating in the dark.

Phapha’s wife is an iron lady.  The next day, Phapha has a bad stomach upset and when his wife offers to take him to hospital, he pretends to be okay. But at work, he throws up and Sue has to take him to hospital.

Meanwhile, a building contractor comes to Mafundi to give them a demolition notice because their land is on a “road reserve”.

Apparently, the governor wants to build a road leading to the governor’s mansion. This forces Sauda, The Tima and Pato to go and look for the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for the area.

The receptionist lies to them that he is out of the country. But they see through the lie. Their inquisitiveness leads them to a bar where they find the MCA drinking beer.

They drag him to the dispensary and Sue gives him a very heavy tongue- lashing for the dispensary not having any medication and him doing nothing about it. They (Sauda,The Tima and Pato) then drag him to the Mafundi premises and tell him to go defend the shop.

He tries to cook up an excuse that he was not in the County Assembly hall the day the bill was being passed. Pato quickly gets the Hansard and finds out he was there. Figuring his lies are not helping, he pretends to be on a phone call and leaves the place, only for them to find him in his office and threaten him with a recall.

My Rating

 I really want to know whether they will remove the MCA and I hope this storyline is not put to bed. It will prove that there is something we can do about bad leadership and poorly performing leaders. A show can change the way we view leaders and Mafundi can do this. I give the show a rating of 8/10. However, stomach problems are becoming too much. First it was Sue, now Phapha 


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