Aziza on Dec 5: Is Alpha getting “revisited”?

This is what went down on the December 5 episode of Aziza, the drama series that airs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Aziza’s mother comes to visit her at her residence and finds her depressed and in a lot of sorrow. The whole thing turns out so emotional and shows that Aziza is still in mourning for her late father. She is still guilty that her father died without ever forgiving her. Her mother comforts her and tries to make her understand that it was not her fault.

Meanwhile Mosi is going to be living in Malkia Fay’s house for the next 9 months. It is going to be a long road to get her out of that house once Chiku gets her baby. Anyway that’s what I think but Lilly is open to have Mosi around for the next 9 months she even tells Fay that it is going to be fun. Malkia Fay lays the ground rules by burning Mosi from having any “hooliganish behaviour” and not to step anywhere near the pool since she fears she will drown.

Chiku on the other hand has disappeared and has decided to go back home. She leaves Zane a letter to find her at the airport because she is going home. It is one rocky marriage that you do not know what will happen next once you get to watch the two you just know nothing is in sync there and it is just a downward spiral.

Bella is now proving to be a detective or at least one bitter woman who wants to know what is going to happen to her sister and what her sister is planning. She follows her sister to a date she is going to, to find out whom she is meeting with. She spots Alpha and Camilla going into the Ice cream joint and she observes from a distance.

Alpha has just met the devil that wants to finish off his family and he wants to date him. Camilla plays hard to get first and then accepts Alpha after a few minutes of convincing. You have to give it to Camilla; she is a very sly character who is proving to be silently ruthless.

Bella walks in after Camilla leaves and tells Alpha to be careful that someone is out to get her family. They have the most interesting exchange because Alpha does not know Bella is the sister to Camilla and Camilla does not really love him.

My rating

I like the whole idea of Alpha now being the guy being “revisited”by everyone including Lisa is just proving to be something to watch out for in this show. However this episode was not as interesting as I thought it would turn out to be. There was a bit of dryness in the story line this week. I give the show an 8/10


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