Miss Morgan is back as Tahidi High principal. Bye Mr Tembo!

Angel Waruige aka Miss Morgan

If you watch Tahidi High you will know that Miss Morgan is back. The role played by the smooth speaking but tough Angel Waruinge is something that worth watching out for.

This role made her who she is in the acting world and her coming back means that Tahidi High is about to experience a major facelift.

What role will she be playing?

Since the removal of Mr Tembo as the Principal of Tahidi High, the school has not had a head. Miss Morgan is back in his shoes, making it final that Tahidi High is finally letting Mr Tembo’s  ghost to go away completely after five years of being just there and hovering around.

Miss Morgan is expected to make sure that the school’s former glory is returned and that the order Mrs Mutembei is finding hard to maintain is brought back.

Her ruthless nature on the show will make it not just an entertaining programme but it will also bring a bit of action to it and make the school a better place, so to speak.

What are the possible plot twists?

A power struggle between Mrs Mutembei and Miss Morgan will be something to watch out for. Mrs Mutembei is not so happy that Miss Morgan is going to be the principal of the school. She expected to be given a promotion but instead got her power as Deputy split into two.

Ms Ombija is also not so happy with her not being made the principal of the school and I think she will plan to do something or work with Mrs Mutembei to bring some fair share of drama to that school. it might even goon to divide the school.

The discipline cases and how they will be solved will also be something to watch out for. This is something to make sure that things are

What I think?

I think a whole new character would fit the shoes well. I am skeptical that the producers of the show are trying to relive the heyday of the show. This might either be a very bad decision or one of the best. Either way, a lot needs to be done to make Miss Morgan’s role stick.


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