Dec 10’s Mafundi: Nobody can stop “reggae”

This is DAVID MWENDA’S analysis of the December 10, 2018 episode of the Mafundi comedy show that runs on NTV every Monday at 7.30pm.

Phapha gets a call from Wagacicio who is the “diplomat’s wife”. Well, Phapha thinking he has got a chance to make some money. Wagacicio has called  to thank him for “predicting” that she would get a job that she was waiting on for.

She actually thinks Phapha has some special powers to predict a future. Who would even think the same of Pato?

Back at Mafundi, Sauda, Pato and The Tima have bent together to make sure that the Governor’s office does not win and it seems the MCA has backed out of this one. The Governor’s aides have come to convince rather threaten the team to make sure that they have moved. They come in as “clients”but soon as The Tima passes them through some form of identification he knows that they are the Personal aides to the Governor. They start threatening the team with not issuing them with county services and making their lives hard.

Meanwhile Phapha has been getting referrals on his “magical powers” and Wagacicio has recommended Evangelica to Phapha to have him tell her how her future looks like. Phapha tries to make it look like he knows what he is doing and tells them to even walk out so that he can consult his “ancestors”but instead he calls Sue and gets information about Evangelica and then pretends to look like he knows her.

The whole thing goes smoothly but Phapha forgets his phone. Evangelica finds her Facebook profile screenshots. They wait for Phapha to comeback and they humiliate him take back the money they had spent on him and chase him out of the place.

Meanwhile at the Mafundi shop Sauda is freaking out because the aides to the governor are threatening to get her children out of public school if they do not cede their ground. The Tima and Pato are not going to cede their ground and let them build some road to go to the Governor’s Mansion.They martial a crowd and they manage to have the two aides are chased out. They leave very sad and disappointed.

My rating

I enjoyed the show thoroughly. I think the discussion on rights came in handy with the World Human Rights Day. However, they could also explore the power of online activism by testing the waters there and a response by the governor would be good. Overall, I give the show a rating of 6.5/10.


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