My Two Wives on Dec 10: Betrayals and vengeance


My Two Wives, the programme that runs on KTN Home every Monday at 8pm, served yet another scoop of drama in its December 10, 2018 episode. This is the summary.

Zach and his wife Toni were the victims in this episode. I believe the script writer wanted to impart lessons on karma; that good will always prevail over evil.

Zach is being vexed in his workplace by a young, wily man called Nathaniel. And how charming the lad is…!

Somehow, Nathaniel convinces top officers at Zach’s workplace that he is the man with the ideas; that he is the one they should invest in.

Zach’s ideas are unapologetically trashed, and he is so devastated he has to ponder over it as he drinks with Martin, his friend and confidante. 

Martin gives Zach a plan: Put yourself in the young man’s level and form a rapport as you find out how best to subdue the pesky young man.

Zach’s idea of dressing flashy and appearing hip to impress Nathaniel backfires terribly. 

As this goes on, Toni is in a struggle of his own. She wants a hot figure by all means possible. She is craving a hourglass look; a Coca-Cola bottle figure.

Her co-wife Damaris takes advantage of her desperation to inflict suffering on her. She promises to get a herb that will help Toni shed weight. But it is clear she is up to something malevolent, as it is revealed in a phone call she makes onto which Toni eavesdrops.

The story ends with Zach winning, because he helps his company discover that the young man they had all fallen for was a double agent mining information for the competition. He had been suspended for allegedly eavesdropping on Nathaniel but he is recalled soon.

Toni also wins in her own way because she doesn’t immediately tell Damaris that she has discovered her plan to inflict pain. At one scene, she tricks Damaris into drinking a glassful of the concoction. It is obvious that the diarrhoea Toni has been suffering will now be Damaris’ plight.

A win for the main protagonists. 

My rating 

This was good drama but not quite to the high standards set before by My Two Wives. The drama doesn’t leave any memorable scenes and the humour doesn’t sting. I give it a 6/10.


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