Auntie Boss: Lots of experimentation with Shiro, Varshita out of the show


I watch Auntie Boss as a ritual every Tuesday on NTV. It is still one of my top comedy shows and it somehow overtook Tahidi High in my list of must-watch shows on Tuesdays. 

But ever since Shiro wa Rugongo (real name Nice Wanjeri) left the cast and Varshita left with Donovan to focus on a comedy show on Maisha Magic East, one can’t help but notice a struggle to strike the right humour balance. But the punchlines are there and Vanessa has a chance to be the “brickwall” around which funny characters are built. 

Makers of the show are trying a lot of things, though, and there is no denying that it is working somehow. 

The “fisi” employer who can’t keep it zipped whenever there is a new househelp in his house is a breath of fresh air. Besides, it gives many actors the opportunity to make guest appearances in the show.

In particular, one shosho who likes saying “such a calamity”, and who is living with a First World hangover (she claims to have stayed in America for 40 years) promises to be an interesting character in the weeks to come. 

Njoroge is doing quite some good work replacing Shiro, but you can tell that the love-hate chemistry between Shiro and Vanessa is yet to be replicated here.

Overall, Auntie Boss after Shiro is different but it’s not dead. It still has the punches. 


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