Aziza is slowly changing some characters. This is why we think so

This is an analysis of the December 12, 2018 episode of the Aziza programme that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday at 7.30pm. 

Chiku and Alpha, for the first time, get to speak after the wedding. I cannot tell you how much I was waiting for the scene.

The whole thing to me was like watching the moon falling off the skies to joins us on Earth.

The two exchanged pretty heavy words; from Chiku blaming Alpha for his devious plans and threatening to Zane and the rest of the world the whole truth, to Alpha telling Chiku he will throw her under the bus if push comes to shove.

One thing is for sure: Alpha is done with Chiku and wants nothing to do with her. So, no secret liaisons for those who were waiting. At least not for now.

Meanwhile, Mosi’s character is slowly evolving to a more vicious one, including using her dead husband as bait.

She has managed to trick everyone that she cannot stay at a house that is “haunted” with her husband’s dead memories.

It is just so interesting how her character has evolved from one of a cruel woman who would do anything for money and power to making her so manipulative and at the same time using her emotions to make characters do anything.

Of course she has managed to trick even her own daughter into believing that she cannot stay at her place alone and that she has to stay at her place for a long time to also “help” her in her marriage.

Meanwhile, Zane is struggling with the fact that he is married to someone he does not love. He is so stressed and when Lilly comes to check up on her, they almost have an argument. But Lilly knows otherwise.

Malkia Fay, on the other hand, is just so stressed about having a whole “Swahili” family living in her house.

They have totally ruined her cool and she is always in a foul mood, fouler than she had other times before. For her, she is totally losing the fight. When Alpha suggests that she needs a holiday, she almost bites his head off.

My Rating

I give the show a rating of 7.5/10. It felt like the episode was a bit slow. The show is normally fast-paced and it is very full of twists of turns. But seems the producers chose a safe script for this episode, which made the it a little boring.


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